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As soon as I got to vet school, the stress skyrocketed. In addition, she volunteers several hours a week at a wildlife medical clinic and serves as a team leader, which takes up to 15 hours a week, including nights and weekends.

Featuring vintage Mc Intosh Installations to admire, you’ll find a space to fit your mood – no matter how quickly it changes." data-alt="A picture of the interior mc Intosh installation at W Austin" data-vu="mcintosh-installations" data-org-size="1600x900" data-org=" Hotel-Mc Intosh Installations.jpg" data-bg=" Hotel-Mc Intosh Installations.jpg" style="background: transparent no-repeat center; background-size: cover"It’s not your parents’ living room!And drinking alcohol as a stress reliever dipped from 18% to 13%.Among other survey findings: The news on the job front doesn't help either, suggests Matthew Faraci of the non-partisan Generation Opportunity, a Washington, D. January statistics show unemployment among 18- to 29-year-olds at 13% and suggest that as many as 1.7 million young adults aren't even counted as unemployed because they've given up looking."For young people, the jobs picture has been persistently bleak," Faraci says.Individual failure is difficult to accept when confronted with a sense you're an important person and expected to achieve.Even though, in most instances, it's not their fault — the economy collapsed just as many of them were getting out of college and coming of age — that does lead to a greater sense of stress," he says.Elizabeth Solomon of San Francisco currently works as a freelance consultant and is temporarily staying with her mother in Northampton, Mass.

Solomon, 31, who was not part of the survey, says her stress is mostly about her long-term financial future.

But the most common coping mechanism is listening to music, cited by 59% of young adults; 51% exercise or walk, about the same as the national average (52%)."They also showed the highest level (compared with other generations) of spending time with friends and family as a way of coping with stress, which is very good," says Anderson.

Forty-six percent cited that, compared with 35%-38% of the other groups and a national average of 39%.

Overall, the survey finds that 20% of Americans report extreme stress, which is an 8, 9 or 10 on the stress scale.

Still, the extreme-stress report has declined since 2010, when the number was 24%.

Hang out in this dynamic space and indulge in a signature cocktail – or just recharge your batteries before heading out for the night." data-alt="The Living Room inside W Austin, Texas" data-vu="living-room" data-org-size="1600x900" data-org=" Hotel-LIVINGROOM.jpg" data-bg=" Hotel-LIVINGROOM.jpg" style="background: transparent no-repeat center; background-size: cover"Setting the stage for contemporary luxury, W Austin amplifies the city's electrifying eclecticism, headlining the vibrant 2ND Street District in the "Live Music Capital of the World," and pulsating with its spirit of independence and creativity." data-alt="An image of the vibrant interior of the W Austin hotel" data-vu="interior" data-org-size="1600x900" data-org=" Hotel-Interior.jpg" data-bg=" Hotel-Interior.jpg" style="background: transparent no-repeat center; background-size: cover"Like an all-access pass to a glamorous event , the Welcome Desk is your doorway to a world that pulses with vibrant energy." data-alt="Come on in - photo of the welcome desk at the front of W Austin" data-vu="welcome-desk" data-org-size="1600x900" data-org=" Hotel-Welcome Desk.jpg" data-bgset=" Hotel-Welcome [(max-width: 1023px)] | Hotel-Welcome [(min-width: 1024px)]"Welcome to W Austin Hotel, a luxury hotel in downtown Austin - located in the Second Street District and next door to the famed Austin City Limits music venue, in the center of the Live Music Capital of the World®.","pin Type":"default","custom Pin":false,"internal Name":"Austin Bergstrom International Airport","category Internal Name":"Local Attractions","category Id":"6","distance To Context":null,"address":null},,,,,,,,,,,,]}" data-has Attraction ="true" data-categorykeys="" data-categoryid=""6"" data-sidebar="true" data-customzoom="" From the comforts of the cozy Living Room with stylish spaces to mix and mingle, to savory bites at our signature restaurant TRACE, our delightful dishes served in distinctive settings are ready to tempt your taste buds.