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The volunteer will also check whether you have planned to use a CD for audio music or dialogue; if so, the CD will be tested to verify that the track is acceptable; then it will be retained by the Dragon Con Masquerade volunteers and loaded onto our equipment.You must remain at the registration table to learn if your CD will be able to be played during the show.

See below for Rules & Information and the Masquerade FAQ.The other categories help us create a level playing field.If an entrant has won "Best in Show" at a previous convention, he or she is considered a "Master" - then all the "Master" category entrants compete against each other for a "Best in Show - Master" Award.Journeyman: A contestant who has won at least one, but less than four, category awards at a World Con, Costume Con, Dragon Con, or ICG-recognized competition.Novice: A contestant who has never won an award (as indicated above) in competition.We award a "Best in Show - Novice" award for the best scoring first-time entrant (someone who has never entered in a contest before).

We award a "Best in Show - Journeyman" award to the best competitor in the Journeyman category (someone who has won a category award previously).

Our volunteers will make sure that your assigned contestant number for the show is put on your CD, and the CD will be given to the tech crew as backup in case our primary equipment fails.

If you want your CD back, you can go to the tech station in the ballroom immediately after the contest (it is located on the wall across from the entrance into the ballroom), or pick up your CD at the Masquerade Registration table on Monday after a We will not be responsible for CDs left after the end of the Convention. Q: What's a "den mother" and what does she or he do?

The den mother will then make sure that the contestants stay comfortable, get water, keep as quiet as possible in the backstage area, and get up on the stage when the time arrives, and then help them to get backstage after their performances.

Q: The registration form asks me to categorize myself as "Novice," "Journeyman," "Master," or "Child" - why?

Junior: Any contestant under 16 (There will be two groups – ages 1 – 4, and ages 5 – 16).