After hours dating

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I was pretty confident that she wouldn’t show up half cut and banging of vodka.

It was quite late when we met and although generally a quiet bar it was very busy and I think we found the last table in the place.I decided that it was definitely worth meeting Lucy again after **date one** with the Brazilian hottie.We arranged to meet on Friday but Lucy cancelled at 4 o’clock saying that she had a headache.After about 20 minutes Paula started to make a bit more eye contact and seemed to settle.We had about 5 or 6 drinks and chit-chatted about work, holidays, dating…usual boring but must know kind of conversation with me throwing in the odd witty comment.We found a spot upstairs to sit down at which was handy.

I had been worried that after covering most of the bases on our first date there wouldn’t be much to talk about.

I went out with friends on Friday and Lucy ended up suggesting we met on Saturday instead.

She was meeting some of her own friends that night but was free at 10.30.

My taxi took forever to come and I arrived just about on time, but Paula was a little early and text ahead asking what drink I wanted, service or what!

I placed my order for a gin and promptly spotted her at the bar when I walked inside.

I was quite tired after the late night with my friends the night before.

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