Bad pointer after updating nx5

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Bad pointer after updating nx5 - being old fashioned dating

Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.7520120: Sometimes stock may have empty identifier attribute.Since Merge Stock command performs strict attribute check, it fails to merge stocks if one stock has empty attribute and the other one does not have the attribute.7498696 [priority 2] "EB2015" In View dependent geometry holecall out dim values are missing in Tc Vis 3. 7498696 [priority 2] "EB2015" In View dependent geometry holecall out dim values are missing in Tc Vis 3. It generates an exception If user resend sends a Assembly with a variant configuration from Structure Manager to NX, NX present a dialog to Add or Replace Variants, this is unsupported ., and user does Add or Replace it causes a crash.The change is to block this functionality, and allow only when OLD_VARIANTS is used Problem was originally fixed in NX 10.0.3 but the change had to be backported to NX 10.0.2MP.That token needs to be reused in NX 10.0.3 so that parts created in NX 10.0.2MP don't regress in NX 10.0.3 "Problem description: 1) When Item objects are classified in the classification tree, we do not load them properly into the NX session via the Routing re-use library 2) When a classification hierarchy is defined with intermediate nodes as type Storage Class (instead of abstract), we do not find the start nodes properly during our search Problem solution: 1) For Item objects, set the TEMP_PART_SPEC correctly in the charx data for the individual member rows so that we know that we have to look up the specific revision based on the current revision rules when we go to load the part into NX 2) Traverse the classification of the hierarchy, including Storage Class nodes, to find the starting nodes for the Routing re-use library tree.

This is much more efficient and does not require searching the entire classification tree." Re-manage ug owned tiles when un-managing NXOpen UIStyler dialogs.I'm backporting this fix to 10.0.3 because Nathan (ATK) told Mandar during the beta test event in Milford that ATK is thinking about going to 10.0.3." "This CP fixes as issue related to Merge Stock command.This problem was discovered in EB part (at the moment EB is more concerned with totally different issue related to pipe split) as well as NX11 beta test.1) when creating reuse features in a different feature group, the reused weld points are left in the original feature group 2) a change was made to the signature of 2 NXopen functions in NX 10 that may affect the stability of existing customer NXOpen functions Dimensions and annotations go retained when out of date NX 7.5 drawing is updated in NX 9.The problem occurs when a boolean operation is performed. I really have no idea why this is happening, there seems to be no memory corruption happening prior, as far as I see memory is properly allocated.