Bucharest expat dating

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Bucharest expat dating

The “ransom” is usually a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Yes, I say relieved that it has been taken care of. They are about to present him to me when an older man grabs one of his shoes. A new course has just been served at the tables and I want to sit quietly for a few minutes with Marius to eat.

I’m trying to push back and protect my dress and tell them again and again that I don’t want to go. I tell them Marius doesn’t know about this kidnapping and doesn’t have anything because I’ve already been kidnapped. We get down to the bottom and they are trying to call another cousin to come and get us to drive us somewhere.

I’m trying to get away but the one cousin won’t let me go.

At every Romanian wedding a small group of male guest’s “kidnap” the bride and take her someplace else.

They take one of her shoe’s and one of the “kidnappers” remains behind to negotiate with the Godfather for the return of the bride.

And that we had to go bowling during the time I was away from the wedding.

As much as I hated (and hate) the tradition, I realized it meant a lot to the Romanians and especially to the three guys I had picked.

I firmly believe that this tradition is a left over from the time when either bandits or even the nobility would “kidnap” a bride on her wedding night and then either/or rape her or demand money for her or both. I also didn’t like the fact that someone would be giving copious amounts of alcohol for my return.

I’m not a drinker and though I have no problem with moderate amounts of drinking, I don’t like excessive drinking — even if its a cultural thing.

When we get down the first flight of stairs I tell them that I’ve already been kidnapped and that I want to go back up.

They tell me no, I should be kidnapped again before the cake is served and start pushing me down more stairs.

This should be the end of it, but unfortunately its not.