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We just finished our sixth year of providing a window into a wild kestrel nest.If the male seems gone often, it is because he is hunting.Once he has a meal, the female flies out to grab it from him, and this often happens off-camera.The silver band is on their left leg, and it provides an individual ID# for the rest of their lives.We band them when they are about 18-25 days old, as their feet are adult-sized and the band will never get too tight from further growth.This box has fledged a total of 32 kestrels so far!

Keep an eye out for the next nesting season in 2018, which typically spans March - May in Idaho.We discovered she was caught and banded in 2016 as a breeder 5.5 miles away!So this is not the first batch of nestlings this female raised.5/6/2017: Sometime in the morning, a fourth egg hatched!Looks like this brood is a normal-sized brood for American Kestrels, and all the nestlings so far are fairly similar in age.We'll be excited to start up the live stream again when nesting behavior begins!