Carbon dating and polution

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Carbon dating and polution

This makes it extremely difficult for markets to resolve the pollution problem.In theory, markets will work efficiently when those suffering from a specific instance of pollution can identify the polluter, and can take them to court.

Under the Kyoto rules, if countries exceed their agreed limits in the first phase (2008-2012) they are penalised by having to make up for the ‘overshoot’, plus a 30% further reduction, in the second phase (from 2013.) In global terms, growth in car usage and air travel is likely to make it difficult to achieve any of the targets.

Environmental economists attempt to develop alternative ways to achieve the socially desirable level of pollution in the short run, rather than to prevent it entirely.

In the long run, the widespread application of green technology may enable the global economy to reduce dramatically what is considered to be the socially desirable level of pollution.

So-called include naturally occurring gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, as well as those arising as a result of industrial production, transportation, and household consumption, including chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

Though occurring naturally, carbon dioxide emissions have increased significantly, largely as a result of burning fossil fuels.

Even though there are warnings about global warming, companies don’t do anything to reduce pollution.

Our sky, air, rivers, beaches and countryside are becoming rubbish dumps.Pollution and waste have increased for two main reasons: The purpose of the Kyoto Treaty, which was signed in Kyoto, Japan, in 1997, was to get the major industrialised economies of the world to commit to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in two phases.The first phase ended in 2012, and the agreement states that signatories should reduce emissions to levels less than those occurring in 1990 by that date.Unfortunately, the world’s biggest polluter, the US, pulled out of the agreement in 2001, though Russia did eventually join in 2004.Despite the effects of the first and second Middle Eastern oil crises (19 respectively) which sharply increased the global price of oil, and the Kyoto Protocol, global carbon emissions have continued to rise over the last 35 years.Negotiations also involved trying to agree an explicit target for temperature increases.

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