Christopher lawell dating scams

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Christopher lawell dating scams


Military men and Engineers who fall in love with you, then ask for money **ALL** OF THOSE USED, IN THESE PROFILES ARE VICTIMS. Again, you aren't speaking to anyone whose real name is Richie Chris Scott.... you are talking to an African on a laptop ready to run to Western Union or Moneygram to get YOUR money.

She made the big payment but when the parcel got to Melbourne airport, she was hit with another fee.'I pretty much paid it. He pretty much picked up the last amount of my money,' she said.

On the day she was scheduled to supposedly get the parcel with the money she'd been promised, she received a phone call.'I got a phone call from someone saying Carlos and his lawyer had been in a serious car accident so they needed money for medical expenses,' she recalled.'My stomach dropped to my shoes.

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And so he needed a payment to retrieve them.'The first amount I sent him was ,000.

When he went to get the money, he told me he needed another ,000,' she recalled.'Everything he said was backed up by "documents" - and there was always a lawyer in the background when we spoke over the phone.'When he tried to pay me back, he said his bank couldn't do the large international transfer so he arranged for a courier to deliver the cash instead.'Ms Meister said she was given a link to a website with a 'tracking sheet', in which she kept a close eye on the parcel's movement.It wasn't a huge request so I did a wire transfer to him,' she recalled.'A part of me thought it was wrong so I questioned him, saying "you're a businessman, your credit card should work..." His story didn't add up.'But his request for money didn't end there.He would make up a different excuse each time he asked her for money.'Carlos' was planning a trip home to Brisbane when his goods were held up in Malaysian customs.I was very much in love with him at one stage.'She said the man who claimed he was based in Brisbane had told her he was working in interior design and his heritage was Italian and Scottish.The pair exchanged messages on a daily basis before he started calling her to have phone conversations.'When I first spoke to him, I heard his voice but he had a different accent to what I'd expected. " I couldn't place his accent.'I wasn't familiar with his accent at the time, but thinking about it now, he was definitely African...I knew at that point, I'd been scammed.'She didn't pay for their medical fees - and the pair stopped talking for about a week.'He then tried to request more money to cover his medical fees but at that point, I had gone through my last dollar,' she said.'I couldn't pay him anymore and I even told him I wasn't going to send him any more money.

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