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WHO is initiating the second phase of the revision process, acting immediately on the Review’s recommendations.In line with the updated recommendations, WHO has also updated the ICD-11 project plan and associated timelines.

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WHO welcomes the constructive messages of the Report of the ICD-11 Revision Review.The primary focus of the JTF is to recommend the subset of the ICD-11 foundation that will be included as codes in the ICD-11-MMS, used for international reporting, as well as how to appropriately structure those codes for tabulation and aggregation.The JTF will also provide guidance and support for the development of the ICD-11-MMS reference guide, including mortality and morbidity coding rules, the use of post-coordination in the ICD-11-MMS, and the suitability of the product for use as a classification.The RSG is coordinated by a Small Executive Group known as the RSG-SEG, which includes the RSG Chair as well as six other individuals with broad areas of expertise drawn from the RSG.Topic Advisory Groups served as the planning and coordinating advisory bodies for specific issues which are key topics in the update and revision process, namely Oncology, Mental Health, External Causes of Injury, Communicable Diseases, Non-communicable Diseases, Rare Diseases and others.Through its nine FATF-Style Regional Bodies (FSRBs), the FATF brings together a global network of 203 jurisdictions that have each committed at the highest political level, to implementing the FATF Recommendations.

FATF and FSRBs conduct peer reviews on an ongoing basis to assess how effectively their respective members' AML/CFT measures work in practice, and how well they have implemented the technical requirements of the FATF Recommendations.The JTF may seek advice, as necessary, from any other project stakeholders, such as the RSG, the vertical TAGs, the WHO-FIC Network, or other identified experts.The current ICD Revision structures are being reorganized towards a long term maintenance framework.The MSAC is also responsible for providing advice on medical and scientific information in the foundation.Additional Special Projects may be established to develop and evaluate links to other classifications and terminologies and to advise on the associated informatics and architecture considerations. A Revision Steering Group (RSG) served as a consultative expert authority during the revision process from December 2007 through October 2016.The Tokyo release will not yet be ready for implementation, but will give Member States and other stakeholders a clear view of what ICD-11 will look like and how it will function, as well as allowing Member States to provide feedback to WHO about national needs and to begin planning for implementation after 2018.