Could radiometric dating be wrong

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Could radiometric dating be wrong - steve o dating canalis

It shows up all the time in complex integrals and branch cuts, and just a hell of a lot in algebraic topology.

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Now add to that that black holes royally mess things up and you’ll find yourself in dire need of a better coordinate system to make things easier to picture. Although the situation is still a little weird, time points more or less up (the standard set up for space/time diagrams), and light travels diagonally (again: standard).A black hole is a funnel that pinches off at a singularity.A traversable worm hole needs to be large and “mellow” enough that it doesn’t have an event horizon (a black hole’s “point of no return”), or any fatal tidal forces. For example, there are a number of stunningly bad movies that make the connection between black holes and worm holes explicit.In contrast, a black hole destroys the hell out of things, and doesn’t “go anywhere”.A worm hole is a funnel (what’s shown here is only a two dimensional funnel) that tapers down to a “throat” (which although thinner never pinches off entirely) which connects to another funnel that opens up somewhere else.One of the wild things about ring singularities is that they make the topology of spacetime qualitatively different, in a way not entirely dissimilar to the way that the surface of a sphere is qualitatively different from the surface of a doughnut (or, for our New York readers, a bagel).

In normal, everyday space, if you travel in a big loop you come back to the same place.

Beyond just the singularity, there are a lot of weird problems involving picturing how black holes work.

For example, they screw up spacetime so much that at their surface (the “event horizon”) time literally points downward.

He found that he suddenly had a second set of solutions which imply the existence of anti-particles.

At the time the idea of an anti-particle was ridiculous, but a few years later positrons (anti-electrons) were discovered and Dirac was shown to be right.

Physicist: The short answer is: A worm hole is a “tube made of spacetime” that connects two different regions.