Dating and sex for nerds and nice guys

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Dating and sex for nerds and nice guys - Mobile free sex video chat room

There may also be a physiological reason why this doesn’t work as strongly for women too – according to Taoist and other Eastern traditions, when a woman orgasms, she expends far less “energy” than when a man does (they offer this as a explanation for women being multi-orgasmic while most men are not).This sort of makes sense – men ejaculate semen upon orgasm, women do not (female ejaculation is something entirely different).

Now there is an “exception” here, which is the concept of pair bonding.So let’s skip that and get right into the how of channeling sexual energy – how to turn your desire, your love, your romance, your attraction… Keep in mind that while the principles of this are the same for men and women, the real-life application may be different because of differing biological imperatives and social forces. Here’s what Napoleon Hill was trying to tell you but couldn’t find the right words to do so: The mechanism upon which this works is largely unknown and most people try to explain it spiritually through chakras and energy points and whatnot, but basically you conserve energy/hormones/emotion/focus and are able to channel them into other things, creating incredible results.Now while the instructions are simple, the application is not. Interestingly enough, more women than men can stop masturbating.Sure, the whole idea of conserving sexual energy does go back further to Taoist and other Eastern traditions, but the first widespread, modern record is from Hill.There are a couple of interesting things about what Hill wrote: As far as we can tell, the theory and scientific background for conserving sexual energy is fairly poor, and most accounts are self-reported, common folk knowledge or observational.We suspect that this is because at time of writing, there just weren’t as many women climbing corporate ladders and achieving awesome things as there are today, so Hill had no reference point.

There may also have been less understanding about the nature of female desire and libido in Hill’s time.

When you start to do this, amazing things happen in your life.

The most noticeable will be how productive and efficient you become at getting things done.

But within the spectrum of men and women who do, the men vastly outnumber the women.

This can be partially explained by remembering that gender relations outside North America and Anglo countries tend to be more “traditional”.

People around you will also sense it – and you’ll start to attract good things into your life, be they resource, contacts, people, women etc.

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