Dating charvel guitars

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Dating charvel guitars

At the beginning of 2008 a 10th digit was added to the normal MII 9 digit serial scheme (2008xxxxxx = 2008).

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Jackson only imported neck thru Professional series MIJ guitars (the Pro models) in 19.

The JS20 was initially made in Taiwan (MIT), India (MII), Korea (MIK) and Japan (MIJ).

Serial numbers for the MIT JS20s are 8 digits long and the first digit probably denotes the year.

No serial numbers are known except ones leading with a 6, so it is likely production of Jackson guitars in Taiwan started and ended in 1996.

Serial numbers for the MII JS20s are also 8 digits long with the first two digits corresponding to the year (96xxxxxx = 1996, 99xxxxxx = 1999, 00xxxxxx = 2000, 04xxxxxx = 2004), JS20s are still made in India (as of 2010).

1992 started the importation of bolt on Professional series MIJ guitars.

The serial numbers of the Professional series MIJ guitars are 6 digits long and will start with 0-5 with the first digit corresponding to the year (0xxxxx = 1990, 5xxxxx = 1995).There is an exception to this serial number format, Fusion model guitars (1990-1995) also have a 6 digit serial but will start with 90-95 with the first two digits corresponding to the year (90xxxx = 1990, 95xxxx = 1995).In 1994 (technically Christmas 1993) a new MIJ series started, the Concept series.The new JS30xx series had low cost versions of the Jackson Randy Rhoads (JS30RR), the Jackson Dinky (JS30DK and JS30DKT), the Jackson Kelly (JS30KE), the Jackson King V (JS30KV) and the Jackson Warrior (JS30WR).The JS30xx guitars have fixed bridges (JT390), chrome hardware and two Jackson CRV2 humbucking pickups, except the JS30DKT model which has a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo instead of the fixed bridge.All MIJ bolt on guitars received a 7 digit serial number starting at 9600000 increasing sequentially as more guitars are built, this system continues to this day for MIJ guitars (as of the start of 2010 the serial numbers are up to approximately 9850000).