Dating during alcohol recovery

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I’ve also been able to have healthy relationships again.

I also got a chance to meet more women in early sobriety, and it opened up more opportunities for service.Despite my doubts that the pain would ever subside or that I was capable of a loving and healthy relationship; I placed my faith in my sponsor, my higher power, and in a program of recovery. I have worked through and let go of that pain, and I am truly thankful for those lessons.I’ve been able to make an amends to the other person in the relationship.But ultimately, I knew that what my sponsor’s words were true: there is no way to numb it. The only way forward is by trusting that on the other side there is peace, serenity, and a greater purpose.For a long while after my first sober break-up, I doubted my higher power’s plan for me.This made sense to me, and I wasn’t planning on starting any new romances.

The problem was, I came to treatment with a relationship and somehow left with it (mostly) intact.When I got sober, people had plenty of advice about how to maintain my recovery.Most of the suggestions I got concerned dating in sobriety.I ended up chairing my home group meeting for two months, a commitment that required me to reach out to other women for speaking opportunities.Like most addicts, when I am in pain, I will grasp onto anything that will dull that pain, if even for just a moment.The general consensus is that getting into a new relationship in your first year of sobriety is a bad idea.

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