Dating guillaume

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Dating guillaume - hallam fm co ukdating

It is always almost a shock when they started signing every word of my song which is a great feeling.

I have a great connection with my fans, especially when I play live.

My best relationship is obviously the one I am in right now [with Roody Roodboy].

If I am not longer with an ex, it’s because things didn’t work out. Everything that happens in my life is a lesson–not a regret. Kreyolicious: In the life of any entertainer, there’s difficult moments.

With her head shaved, Haiti-singer Rutshelle Guillaume defies beauty standards and mane-growing expectations.

Listen, she’s not conventional by the thesaurus definition of the word.

Kreyolicious: When someone examines your presence on the internet, they can observe that you share a great deal of your personal life. As an artist, you might try the best you can to be private,[but] a part of your life will be exposed…somehow.

From what you can see and have observed, what are the plus and minuses of doing so? Kreyolicious: Out of all the relationships you’ve had in your life, which has been the best and which has hurt you the most? Kreyolicious: How’s the entertainment scene in Haiti right now? One has to find a way during slow season to stay relevant as an artist…making videos, having a collaboration in order to avoid getting hit by the slow season. Being a great mother…That is really my proudest achievement.Kreyolicious: If you were to make a list of five people who’ve helped you advance in your career, who would figure on the list? My daughter has allowed me to be such a better human, a better woman, just .I am still pushing my first album, but I am now working on my next one. Text arrangements, lyrics, melody etc…of course with the help of people like BIC and Poppy Duverne ect…I am working with some great people so I can deliver a great product. As for the next album, so far, I have a song that I wrote called “Pa kite mounn yo” [Don’t Let Those Folks]. I will be more present in the next project so my fans can have the best of me., and in about a minute and a half it depicts the kind of night you've always wished you could show your date -- you know: become the life of the nightclub, wow the kitchen staff, best a magician, battle a paper dragon, invent your own geeky-neat dance moves -- but probably can't.