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I'm sure that self-help books are very helpful for some people, but I never make it much past the table of contents.

A good eight years were wasted on someone I dated briefly and became obsessed with once he ended it. I think there is still a lot more stigma than we admit, and every joke someone cracks about being “so OCD” makes it harder to explain that while you all think you’re totally cool with me being obsessive-compulsive, it’s a lot more than lining up pencils and touching the light switch.

It feels dishonest not to mention certain things to someone you’re trying to seduce, in the way I would feel dishonest not mentioning that I had a child or was missing a nose.

I mustered the courage to meet only one person from the dating site. It could have gone further, but I would look at him across the table and think, I'm afraid that if I meet someone I really like, I will let the whole story explode out of me before he's seen the better side, which is what I did last time. I would love to feel I could keep my mental illness under wraps until I was comfortable with someone, as if it were a hobby like collecting international Barbie dolls. Having a panic attack in front of someone unprepared is not great for building trust.

Millions of people around the world suffer from depression and many of them are actively dating, often using online dating sites.

No doubt dating can be difficult when you suffer from depression, but it can also be a tremendous source of happiness when you meet someone special.

My mother thinks I should keep my mouth shut as long as possible.

Therapists are trained not to tell you exactly what to do, no matter how much I ask.I love gloomy Victorian novels, obscure Korean horror films, Premier League soccer, and knitting.I'm 5-foot-5, slim, with brown hair and brown eyes. I suffer from mental illness.” Finally verging on being over a long-term, on-and-off relationship, I am both excited and terrified at the prospect of a new one.(If you’ve never suffered from depression, it might sound nonsensical that I would do this at my most self-confident.If there’s one thing I know about depression, though, it’s that it’s devoid of logic, and you can feel your lowest and your highest all at once.) My dating history is checkered, to say the least.It's mostly a trail of intense but short-lived relationships, with a few regrettable one-night stands sprinkled here and there.

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