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She also guest starred on hit tv shows such as The L Word, CSI: Miami, and she also competed on the reality dance competition Dancing With The Stars.Elizabeth has 1 child with her husband, Greg Lauren.

Greenpeace guys with clipboards on the street asking for donations wear yellow. They’re called Greenpeace, is it so much to ask that they wear green?His character was known for addressing the tv audience, otherwise known as “breaking the 4th wall,” and engaged in an infamous on again, off again romance with Kelly Kapowski.Since Saved by the Bell ended in 1992, Gosselaar went on to star in NYPD Blue, Franklin & Bash, and held down a recurring character arc on CSI.I hate hate hate people with binders and clipboards on the street.They’re all out there for a meaningful cause, they all want money (of course they never talk about that right away) and I can’t stand it.Usually they just occupy both sides of a street, but this formation made it look like they were prepared to swarm upon anyone unfortunate enough to walk around.

Then again, no one has the swarm technique down like the guys selling M&Ms for their “basketball team” nearby where I work.

I rag on the Greenpeace guys a lot because of their consistency, and they’re easy to spot.

There are several other people out there looking for donations, like the people for starving children.

Obviously I couldn’t take credit for this slogan which I thought was genius.

It’s a sign that Nelson has in the episode where he’s kind of dating Lisa.

I don’t know what the cause of the guy this comic is based off of but they did actually ask for five seconds of my time.

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