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Expressions that you create for expression filters must be Boolean (that is, they must evaluate to true or false).

For example, you can rearrange insights, include another insight, or hide an insight title.When you search or use BI Ask, the search results are determined by what information has been indexed.Every two minutes, the system runs a process to index your saved objects, project content, and data set column information.See Creating Calculated Data Elements and Building Expression parameters to external URLs or filters to other projects.The context can be controlled to pass All, Custom column (data element), Anchor To(columns), or None.

You can use Data Actions to enable you to link from one canvas to another.

For example, you can add a trend line, change the chart type, or add a text visualization.

After changing an insight, you'll notice that its corresponding wedge (in the Insight pane) or dot (in the Story Navigator) changes from solid blue to hollow.

An expression filter, on the other hand, appears only in the filter bar and can’t be added as a data element to a visualization.

You can create an expression filter from a calculation, but you can’t create a calculation from an expression filter.

Each project can have one story comprising multiple pages (which are called canvases).