Dns not updating active directory

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You must enable DNS dynamic updates and choose the option for "Always dynamically update DNS A and PTR records, and to Discard A and PTR records when the lease is deleted.Image of the DNS tab Another issue that we found out is if the DNS zone (both) is set to Secure only.

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Statically configured (non-DHCP) clients register both the A RR and the PTR RR with the DNS server themselves.Active Directory is designed especially for distributed networking environments.Active Directory was new to Windows 2000 Server and further enhanced for Windows Server 2003, making it an even more important part of the operating system.Active Directory automatically manages the communications between domain controllers to ensure the network remains viable.Users can access all resources on the network for which they are authorized through a single sign-on.After that, move on to the next section of our Active Directory Learning Guide, which focuses on the Domain Name System (DNS). Active Directory is Microsoft's trademarked directory service, an integral part of the Windows architecture.

Like other directory services, such as Novell Directory Services (NDS), Active Directory is a centralized and standardized system that automates network management of user data, security and distributed resources and enables interoperation with other directories.

All resources in the network are protected by a robust security mechanism that verifies the identity of users and the authorizations of resources on each access.

Even with Active Directory's improved security and control over the network, most of its features are invisible to end users; therefore, migrating users to an Active Directory network will require little re-training.

Edit: According to the article linked by The Cleaner below, the GPO I mentioned in my comment will not do what you want (yeah MS and closed-source software).

But checking the boxes for "Register this connection's address in DNS" and "Use this connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration" makes it work.

It is a flexible hierarchical organizational model that allows for easy management and detailed specific delegation of administrative responsibilities.