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Camille, For serv the Care of Sexually Abused Children. Erica, Chief exec, National Ccl of Voluntary Child Care Organisations. Dean, Christopher Colin, MBE, For serv Ice Skating. Dovaston, Donald Frederick, QPM, Dep ch Constable, Derbyshire Constabulary. Dick, Paul Gerard, JP, Headmast, Kennet School, Berkshire. Dicks, Miss Barbara Gladys, Chief exec, Mildmay UK. Donald, Hugh Robertson, For serv Family Mediation, Scotland.

Elizabeth, Dir of Social Work, Perth and Kinross Ccl. Brind, Roger, Headteach, Trelai Primary School, Cardiff.

Barker, Peter, Member, Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee. Beales, Ian, Dir, Bristol Evening Post and Press Ltd. Beatty, Prof Eric Kirkland, MBE, For serv Economic Development. Bennett, Peter James, Lately mgg dir, Port of Felixstowe. Benson, Prof Gordon Mitchell, For serv Architecture.

Bisset, Raymond George, Convenor, Aberdeenshire Ccl.

Sheila Ruth, JP, For serv the administration of Just in Inner London.

Ainsworth, Bernard Francis, For serv the Millennium Dome.

Mavis, For serv the commty in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. Drake, Miss Jeannie, Dep Gen sec, Communication Workers Union. Drakeford, Philip, mgr and Company sec, Dyfed Educ Business Partnership. Draper, Gerald John, Dir, Childhood Cancer Research Group, Univ of Oxf.

Sheila, Chair, North Wales Training and Enterprise Ccl. Duguid, David William, For serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association in Glasgow. Croft, Miss Phyllis Godby, Hon Veterinary Adviser, Phyllis Croft Foundation for Canine Epilepsy. Crowder, Malcolm David, Project Organiser and sec, Heritage of London Trust. Darwin, Keith William, JP, chm, Lincolnshire Training and Enterprise Ccl. Davison, Graham John, Grade 6, Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, MOD. Dyer, Michael William Frederick, chm of Trustees, Usk House Day Hospice, Powys. Eastman, Michael Laurence, For serv the Frontier Youth Trust and to Disadvantaged Young People. Pamela Mary, Lately dir of Nursing and Quality, Essex and Hertfordshire commty NHS Trust. Evison, Raymond John, For serv Horticulture on Guernsey. Ferguson, Miss Joyce Cameron, Headteach, Abercromby Primary School, Tullibdy. Finnegan, Prof Ruth Hilary, Lately Prof in Comparative Social Insts, Open Univ. Fletcher, The Rev Canon Colin William, Co-chm, Lambeth Group. Faulkner, David Alan, For serv the commty in Newcastle upon Tyne. French, Prof Herbert Alan, For serv Military Research. Anne Rosemary, JP, Lately chm, Magistrates Association. Furr, Barrington John Albert, Chief Scientist, Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals. For serv the Joint Central Committee of the Police Federation of Eng and Wales.