European sugar daddy dating

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European sugar daddy dating - sci connect dating

Unlike other sugar daddy websites, Sugar Daddie does charge a membership fee for women, but this is worth it since serious sugar daddies can rest assured that the sugar babies on the site are serious enough about finding a quality sugar daddy to pay for access to the best.Our guess is that the fact that Sugar Daddie charges both parties draws more quality sugar daddies to the site.

The participants’s answers were quite interesting, however, not that surprising.

Whether expectations like that are grounded in reality, cannot be estimated, however, they cannot be overlooked either.

Business and pleasure The very main reason for willingness to date the Chinese, however, was European business men frequently traveling to China and therefore looking someone local to spend their time with.

As it turns out, the gentlemen might be into after they turn 18, which increases chances to find a young looking partner with a mature mindset.

Starting today, any European person interested in meeting and sugar dating a Chinese person, has the chance to do it through Good Life Dating.


Now you can date Chinese Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies on the Chinese version of Sugar Daters® – Sugar Dating is the type of online-dating which evolves around financial benefits as the foundation of the relationship.

Even though Sugar Dating is often seen as match-making between young women and wealthy older men, this might not necessarily be the case in China.

Apparently, it is not the age that is the deciding factor to European men, but the way Chinese women look.

According to the results, most of the participants had an acute preference – even a fetish in some cases – for East Asian women.

Some Sugar Daddies believe Chinese women to be more open sexually than European girls.

Since we are adamant believers in casting a wide net in your sugar daddy search, we recommend signing up for all 3 of these sugar daddy sites and giving yourself access to the best pools of sugar daddies around.

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