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Without naming explicitly Ljungberg by name, Ibrahimovic writes in the book how he got “fed up” during their time together on Sweden's national team. In another passage, Ibrahimovic took issue with Ljungberg's need to ride in a special bus during the Euro 2004 championships because of problems with his back.“We were a great group, good guys and then one prima donna. “Who the fuck is he to come and play upper-class with us? Just days after the book's publication, Ibrahimovic chided Ljungberg further, telling reporters during a press conference prior to Sweden's match against Denmark that “one of us had respect and one didn't have respect”.

He just didn't give me enough time to do it properly." Ljungberg's failure to perform to expectations persuaded Wenger to put him on transfer list immediately, despite saying publicly: "Ljungberg still has a lot to offer Arsenal." "I was offended when all of a sudden I leant from the papers Wenger was ready to consider offers for me from other clubs," Ljungberg said. After days of silence regarding Ibrahimovic's claims, Ljungberg, who now plays for Shimizu S-Pulse in Japan, has responded by attacking his former teammate for “sinking so low” as to use “bitchy comments” about Ljungberg and others to sell his book.“Personally, if I have a problem with people I take it face to face. He wrote a book instead,” Ljungberg told Expressen.With him you generally feel as if you were in the army.It's only in public that he may appear to be some sort of man of liberal views. "The truth is I picked up a knock doing my job and following Wenger's instructions.I always played like this and at some point ran out of luck.

So while I was being treated for the injury, they went out and found a different player for my position. The labels of them, where I can purchase them from and their style, are the jeans low-rise, bootcut, etc. ARSENAL legend Freddie Ljunberg has been sacked by Wolfsburg following the departure of boss Andries Jonker.I wanted to prove that Freddie Ljungberg hadn't had his last word as a player.And at West Ham no one gives you a puzzled look if you get called up for your national team and players are never asked to play on injections. Wenger simply doesn't like those who show a weakness.The former Gunners star was part of the backroom staff at the Volkswagen Arena after joining earlier this year.

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