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Leveled and ready for your house plans, call now...Tommy and Dewey Reen have been downsizing since they moved out of the colonial house they bought in Cape Cod when they got married eight years ago.

They have received several offers, too, although none of them has worked out so far.

South Portland allows property owners to host guests in RVs for up to 14 days at a time, said Pat Doucette, the city’s code enforcement officer.

A tiny house could stay longer if it is placed on a foundation, Doucette said, but the lot would have to meet certain size and zoning requirements to allow a second dwelling unit, and she doesn’t know of any in South Portland that could accommodate one.

Since they decided to build a tiny house in January, the Reens have had ads on Craigslist seeking a property owner willing to let them park it on a piece of land, offering either rent or services, such as yard care, in return.

All they need is a 50-amp outlet, a water hose, room for their two rescue dogs to roam, and space to park their two Toyota Priuses, as well as a property owner willing to break the law.

“You have to be very cautious.” Either way, it would be considered camping, something most places, especially more populated ones, also have limits on, she said.

In Cape Elizabeth, RVs are prohibited as permanent dwelling units and can only be occupied for up to three nights in any 30-day period, according to a town ordinance.But wherever they end up, Reen said they’ll work with local officials to get codes changed to make their lifestyle legal.“We’re doing it because we believe in it,” he said.Depending on where they land, they might not need it.“Maybe we’ll end up in Santa Cruz, California, maybe we’ll end up in Cape Elizabeth,” he said.That’s one of the benefits of owning a house on wheels – having the ability to be adventurous.

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