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This site aims to let the public know what empirical evidence is available for various alternative remedies, especially studies published in refereed journals.This will enable people who must make decisions to rely on more than anecdotes and advertising.

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If you want to send these people a few hundred dollars for their secret mix, that is your business.There is presently an online promotion of a "secret" natural remedy for both type I and type II diabetes.You'll have to find the site yourself, but the claims are obviously bogus.treatment with _____ partially brought about a regenerative capability for the damaged endocrine tissues as evidenced by increased islet cell numbers and resulted in restoration of near normal architecture of pancreatic islet (sic.).'" Anyone who reads the fine print will see that this is simply untrue.The study cited shows nothing of the sort, but simply makes this statement about a second, unreferenced study.All external links are provided freely to sites that I believe my visitors will find helpful.

I'm a board-certified anatomic and clinical pathologist and operator of the largest one-person medical information site on the web._______ for plagairism in connection with the Phantom notes.The judge had some very harsh things to say about him even back in the 1970's. This allegedly is an extremely sensitive and specific way of determining whether cancer is present in the body, and its proponents talk about its making pap smears, mammograms, and so forth obsolete.As a pathologist, it's my job (among others) to examine tissue, tell what's the matter, and predict the behavior of the disease and response to therapy.Like most other pathologists, I'm extremely successful at this.This site will always be under intensive construction. I cannot buy or read a book, but I am interested in your personal experiences ("anecdotes"), and especially in real work by real scientists (i.e., people taking serious precautions against self-deception.) Unless you specify otherwise, I'll feel free to quote you.

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