International rules and guidelines for dating sites

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" or "What do you do when you live hundreds of miles from your family?"The goal of this series of articles, beginning with this introduction, is to provide our readers with a place to bring those questions.

illegal castling made by two hands, illegal promotion made by two hands and illegal capturing made by two hands), they count as one (1) illegal move and the player shall not be forfeited at once (in Standard chess). The capturing of the King is illegal move and is penalized accordingly. In Rapid and Blitz games the Arbiter SHALL CALL the flag fall, if he observes it. In case that the indications are 0.00 in both clocks and electronic clocks are used, the Arbiter has always the possibility to establish which flag fell first, with the help of the "-" indication. In case mechanical clocks are used then article III.3.1 of the Guidelines about games without increment including Quickplay Finishes shall be applied. In case a game with reversed colors will end by normal means (by checkmate, stalemate, resignation or draw agreement, if allowed), before ten (10) moves will be played, then the result stands. In case that a player presses the clock without making a move, as mentioned in the article 6.2.4, it is considered as an illegal move and it is penalized according to the article 7.5.3. If a player makes a move with one hand and presses the clock with the other, it is not considered as an illegal move and it is penalized according to the article 12.9. In Rapid and Blitz games, if the player asks from the Arbiter to see the score sheet, the clock should not be stopped.

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The Secretary presented the first draft of the General Regulation for Competition and RC members discussed step by step each proposal.

RC agreed that name of this document shall be changed to avoid misunderstanding with a part of the Laws of Chess, which is also called Competition Rules (see the content of the Laws of Chess).

The QC Chairman Werner Stubenvoll announced that he had started working on this subject and he hopes he will present some proposal next year.

The second draft will be presented for further discussion (see appendix 5). Question received No new question have been received after the RC Councillors’ Meeting. Other matters There was a discussion about change of the gender by chess player and about International Olympic Committee regulations regarding this matter.

We would like to thank all present for their great contribution and help during the meeting.

Stewart Reuben reminded the meeting, that during the RC Councillors’ Meeting it was agreed that Guidelines for Appeal Committee Members shall be prepared by the RC for further discussion.

That is why during the 2017 RC Councillors’ Meeting, held in Antalya just before FIDE Congress, the Chairman proposed to use the same regulation regarding an illegal move for standard, rapid and blitz games. After discussion and wording corrections the proposal was accepted during RC Meeting (see appendix 3) and will be presented for 2017 FIDE Executive Board approval. Guidelines for the organisers The Secretary Tomasz Delega presented Guidelines for Organisers.

After publication RC has received again many question and remarks.

It was agreed, that after successive implementation of the Guidelines for the Organisers, a Guidelines for Appeal Committee Members shall be prepared by the RC for further discussion. Interpretation of Laws of Chess made with Arbiters’ Commission (see below)5.