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The last thing sick people want is hearing two people on the phone, worse facetiming each other lol.

Home is usually wifi or can be with a new router and more often than not work is too.You can initiate the Face Time connection from within the contacts, which if youve got a Wi Fi connection, it will then try and connect via the Apple server.acetime_doesnt_need_a_mobile_signal_to_It looks like you can make a Wi Fi only call and not use any mobile fee's. The first time you make a facetime call apple registers your mobile number to your i Phone account and from then on tracks you so you can receive facetime calls.If it is true I am impressed and surprised Steve did not bring up the free calls that could be made with facetime.OK – a general thread for Face Time users/experimenters from ALL networks. I saw a youtube video of a guy making a call from an airplane in the US. Your not going to get free international calls over Vo IP Wi Fi. I think a lot of people are very miss informed with facetime..... you can make a 3g call for just a split second and switch to facetime which then ends the carrier call and continues as facetime(free).First off – can anyone tell me definitively if one can use Face Time internationally for free? Kind of like Skype with video minus the use of the 3G bandwidth. I presume he was dialling in via the plane's Wi Fi (experimental in the US at the moment) and anyway, I doubt he actually used the cellular network to establish a connection? if that is the case, that could still be kind of expensive and inconvenient don't you think? you make 1 call ONLY with facetime using the carrier, then once that single call is functioning, it saves your iphone 4 data on a apple facetime server.you can just use the wifi part on any other call AFTER that ..hence you can make a FT call from a plane (with airplane mode ON) to another IP4 on the ground with facetime. You can even simply initiate a facetime straight away without using carrier at all simply by using your address book. My biggest problem was the woman using facetime while having an ultrasound.Hi guys, I just tried Face Time over 3G connecttion last night. But I noticed some video compression pixelated artifacts.

Well, what I did was that I connected an i Phone 4 to my Motorola Milestone using Wireless Tether. So, basically the Face Time call was done over Optus 3G at Chapel St, Melbourne. However, I couldn't really test the sound because it was too noisy.

Bit of poking around and I've found that facetime is waiting to be activated (in settings) Any ideas? If you can only use Facetime with Wi Fi, does that not make it a bit pointless.

Timbom3 If Face Time still isn't working do this: 1. I would like to Video Call people when i am out and about...just in my own home where i have Wi Fi?

It was so clear got to talk to everyone and it was in a way just like being there..

I think it's incredible and something that I won't use all the time, but definitely I can see the benefit of having it and I will appreciate it even more when I know more people that have iphone 4's.

That's what the Apple Store at Chadstone told me anyway, and it's why my wife's Face Time wouldn't work – because her service had all data blocked. The first time, you make a standard voice call (charged at normal rates), the second time you don't need any voice call.