Junghans clock dating

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At the very least, it’s a sure bet that he first designed the grandfather and kitchen clocks.

If you are a collector of Lenzkirch clocks you already know that the Junghans company bought out the Lenzkirch company during the depression of the late 1920's.

In fact, the Chronoscope is the only model in the collection that was designed after the death of its artist.

The chronograph is no the only complication that found initial use in the second coming of the Junghans Max Bill, as the date display wasn’t originally a part of the watch either.

Often noted as 1961, as watch movements were incorporated that were already in circulation in 1961.

Notwithstanding, at the time many movements were in-stock and were encased months or even years later and any indication that points to 1961 still remains unfounded.

A prominent Swiss-manufactured example is the Movado “Museum Watch”, developed by George Horwitt in 1947.

It received its epithet because it was often exhibited in museums e.g.

There are different viewpoints concerning the actual duration of production.

It’s often assumed, that Max Bill designed wristwatches for Junghans dating back to 1957.

Junghans itself has only confirmed those mentioned previously in this article.

According to most other sources, only 1962 is noted as the year when this wrist watch collection was first introduced.

Nowadays, he is often connected with watch designs on behalf of Junghans.