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School caretaker Huntley and his girlfriend Maxine Carr (pictured inset) both gave television interviews while police were still searching for the young girls.

High-winds and rugged terrain initially delayed transportation and first responders worked to stabilize the injured for several hours.Six passengers and a pilot were on board the Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters chopper when it went down at about 5.20pm on Saturday on the Hualapai Nation reservation near the Grand Canyon's West Rim - about 60 miles northwest of Peach Springs, Arizona.Among the deceased are Becky Dobson, 27; Jason Hill, 32; and Stuart Hill, 30.The Britain's Got Talent judge arranged for the 20-year-old to visit his home in London after connecting with her on social media.Take Me Out front man Paddy Mc Guinness was spotted arm-in-arm with Nicole Appleton during a night out in London on Friday.Environmental Design Basketball Star Trek Articles To Get You Thinking Soccer Architecture Photography VR & Games Renewable Energy Genealogy Beautiful Britain Doodling & Drawing Sci-Fi Android Japan Ireland The Ancient World3D Printing80's and 90's Pop Culture K-Pop Pest Control Toy Models & Crafts Amazing Earth The Global Economy Chess Landscaping Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Woodworking The World of Maps and Navigation Cooking Coffee & Tea Weddings Cats and Dogs Kobe Bryant says he would be protesting during the national anthem if still in NBA: If Kobe Bryant were still in the NBA, he would have taken Colin Kaepernick's lead and protested during "The Star-Spangled Banner." Test shows that Siri on Home Pod is only accurate 52 percent of the time With Apple's Home Pod now available for purchase, it was only a matter of time before it was tested to see if it is up to snuff.

While the 9 smart speaker boasts some pretty amazing features, it looks like it's lacking in others.However the consummate professional did not let her concentration slip and managed to carry on without any major blunders.There was precious little emotion on display at the end of Mc Mafia - from James Norton's protagonist Alex Godman or the viewers I expect.Daily Mail journalists Frances Hardy (right) and Amanda Platell (left) are both 60 - but have very different approaches to ageing.Amanda spends £2,600 a year on treatments like botox, while Frances sticks to High Street hair dye and anti-ageing products to look youthful.Both fork out hundreds on gym classes, but which woman will you most look like at 60?

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