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There is a version for all platforms including Mac OSx. Select the model, enter the CPU, Graphics Card, Memory, Storage Devices and USB Devices, you can predetermine what components to purchase for compatibility with the PSU.It includes word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database and a few other useful apps. Here is the link to the Shuttle Power Supply Calculator.


If anyone is interested in purchasing a custom built Shuttle SH55J2 with Snow Leopard already installed, send us an email with the components you would like and we will send you a quote.In the subject line put “Custom SH55J2 w/Snow Leopard” and email to [email protected] installing i Boot and Multibeast, I thought I would post a screenshot of the options we used in Multibeast to get Snow Leopard installed on the SH55J2.There are lots of other programs you can install to sync your i Phone, i Pod and i Pad if you don’t want to use i Tunes.So, if anyone is interested in this OS, which would work very well on the SH67H3 and have working Sound and USB 3.0 and no kernel panics, I highly recommend it and will post all the links and instructions for you.Ubuntu is a remote computer operating system based on Linux.

It is a free and open source software, using its own desktop environment.You can add software or drivers if needed and install on the flash drive.It comes with Libre Office which is compatible with Microsoft Office.You can download and install it on a flash drive, then boot from the flash drive and run a live session for testing on your PC before you install it on the hard drive.It has a “System Test” you can run to make sure all your devices are compatible and drivers loaded.No DSDT were available for this model, so used the “Easybeast”.

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