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From early life he was a dominant factor in Minnesota politics and in later years became a counsellor of the national Republican organization.The press chronicled his visits to Canton, Ohio, to confer with William Mc Kinley, and he was a personal friend of Theodore Roosevelt.

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Each nation owned its land in common, each red-man squatted upon that ground which best pleased him and there built his abode.In that year he established the Red Wing Weekly Sun and later consolidated it with the the Advance and the Republican.The Republican in time became a daily and he remained as its editor and President of the company which published it until 1912, when continued absence from the state compelled him to dispose of his holdings.Later he became chairman and still later, in 1905, the commission was abandoned and he was named by President Roosevelt as sole commissioner. Bixby’s guidance that new treaties were negotiated with the five tribes, that the Indians promised to surrender their governments,, to become citizens of the United States, to accept each for himself his proportionate share of land and sorrowfully to acknowledge that their race was run.Negotiation of the treaties,’ under most trying and adverse circumstances, took many months of time.His political career began as chairman of the Republican committee of his home County. This earnest desire to be of service to his city and his state in later years made him an outstanding figure in Oklahoma.

From his election as Secretary of the Minnesota Republican League he rose to chair-man of the powerful Republicanstate central committee. Bixby’s creed that every man owed a duty to his community. In 1906, one year before he resigned as commissioner of the Five Civilized Tribes, he purchased the controlling interest in the Muskogee Daily Phoenix, later absorbing the Muskogee Times-Democrat.It was not a question of enrolling those who would but of granting justice to everyone of lawful Indian blood.With the rolls completed and the Indians’ rights established, it became necessary to survey twenty-one million acres of land and then to appraise it, foot by foot, the rocky hills, the wooded mountains, the sweeping prairies and the fertile valleys, because each Indian was to receive his share of land in accordance with its worth.Then again began a process as tedious as the making of the rolls, of giving to every Indian his proportion, in locations as nearly as possible to those of his own choosing, taking precaution that no man sought allotment of the home of another.Many of the insurgent Indians would not accept their apportionment and it was necessary to assign them lands arbitrarily.Several of these allotments, made upon the lands which remained, have since proved to be underlaid with valuable oil and scores of these recalcitrants today are millionaires.