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Then came the making of the rolls, of ascertaining just which ones of the seven hundred and fifty thousand people who inhabited Indian Territory, were Indians legally entitled to share in the participation of tribal property.

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A few months after his birth his parents, of humble circumstances, answering the lure of the northwest country, moved to Minnesota and after a few years spent in Stillwater made their home in Red Wing. His education was such as a man of ambition and an eagerness for knowledge may gain from books and the newspapers of his day. At the age of sixteen he became a River steamboat pilot, at nineteen we find him proprietor and owner of a bakery and confectionery store.Driven from their homes in Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi they had migrated hence with great fortitude and suffering to a land that had been promised them “as long as grass grows and water flows.” Already they had adopted the white man’s modes of living in a rough wild way but they clung, with the fidelity of their fathers, to their tribal forms of government.Each nation owned its land in common, each red-man squatted upon that ground which best pleased him and there built his abode.From early life he was a dominant factor in Minnesota politics and in later years became a counsellor of the national Republican organization.The press chronicled his visits to Canton, Ohio, to confer with William Mc Kinley, and he was a personal friend of Theodore Roosevelt.His political career began as chairman of the Republican committee of his home County. This earnest desire to be of service to his city and his state in later years made him an outstanding figure in Oklahoma.

From his election as Secretary of the Minnesota Republican League he rose to chair-man of the powerful Republicanstate central committee. Bixby’s creed that every man owed a duty to his community. In 1906, one year before he resigned as commissioner of the Five Civilized Tribes, he purchased the controlling interest in the Muskogee Daily Phoenix, later absorbing the Muskogee Times-Democrat.It was in that capacity for thirteen years that he was credited with guiding the destinies of Minnesota politics. As a youth he promoted and served in a volunteer fire department, organized a company of state militia and became a private in the ranks and held the office of Secretary of the Minnesota Y. Both newspapers, however, retained their individuality and continued to be published from their own plants.No campaign conducted under his management resulted in defeat, and twice after he had gone to Indian Territory he returned around election time at the insistence of the national organization. Nelson’s private Secretary, and he retained the position when Mr. With the exception of two years, 1907-09, when he returned to Minnesota to become Vice President and general manager of the St.And now the inevitable advance of the white man, the march of civilization that would not be denied, was pressing down upon them, crowding them further and further beyond-and there was no other place for them to go.The story of the manner in which these five great nations were swallowed in the avalanche of civilization, the history of their passing, cannot be told in this biography.He never sought or was a candidate for public office, although he was at one time proclaimed by the press throughout the state as a candidate for governor and his name was before the Minnesota legislature as a candidate for United States senator during a prolonged deadlock in the balloting. Paul Pioneer Press, that he might fulfill a boyhood ambition expressed when he sold that newspaper on: the streets of Red Wing, he made Muskogee his home.

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