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Beka is the woman I conspired against to win my boyfriend, and the girls are the collateral damage sitting in child-size pedicure chairs.#sorryaboutyourparentsdivorce #sparklytoenailsmakeitallbetter Over 8 whole weeks I’ve had relationships (plural) and managed to create entire chaos cycles.

I agreed to help destroy the family of two small children and an innocent woman because it was easier than giving out a fake phone number. So much so, that he ditched their mother on Mother’s Day to profess love to a stranger on a bar stool.He didn’t think he had any right to be miserable, but he was. While you have zero passion with Josh, I have ALL the passion. My devotion to my students and my love for my dogs served as a stand-in for stable and nurturing human relationships.After many years of struggle, I recently had learned I had bipolar II disorder, which meant I finally had the right medicine.Her two daughters sat between us in child-size pedicure chairs, chattering away and paying no attention to our conversation.“I scheduled a facial, a massage, and lots of drinks beginning at 2 p.m.,” she said. We know half the attorneys in town, and I bet we’ll see someone in court.I met her husband, Josh, the summer before, on Mother’s Day, which coincided with their 12th wedding anniversary.

Beka had shooed him out of the house to host a mother-daughter tea, and he appeared in the seat next to me at a neighborhood bar.I was sort of hoping she’d sob and weep some more at her loss, but this “come for dinner” thing threw me. My smugness feels huge and ungainly next to her kindness.Then I realized that it was just another opportunity to demonstrate my superiority. As Beka and I got to know each other, he drank nonstop. Our conversation ranged from trivial matters and uproarious stories about neighborhood matters to serious acknowledgment of our unusual situation.When Josh moved out of their house into a duplex, we had family dinners and celebrated holidays together to ease the transition for the girls.While friends and family shook their heads in bafflement, we forged our relationship based on mutual respect, empathy and an overpowering love for those two beautiful children.He could’ve been assisting with the girls’ tea party, or out shopping for presents, or changing the oil in his wife’s car ( He NEVER loved Beka! That’s what Josh tells me over and over and over again when I threaten to simmer Fluffernutter. #answermytexts Josh #whats4dinner #fluffernuttersoup Twelve years in, their marriage seemed to be compatible and right.