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Knowing that a handsome young man finds you attractive is a massive ego boost.

She is divorced, with two grown-up kids – Sam, 21, and Milly, 19 – and lives in Balham, south London.

If I didn’t do that, I’d be excluded before they’d even spoken to me.

I’ve been on more than 80 dates in three years and I’ve learnt something from every single one.

I might be 50 but I don’t feel it – nor do I want to.

As long as you’re not hurting anyone, I think it’s a great way to meet people and enjoy life.

Last week, 72-year-old TV presenter Anne Robinson revealed she has signed up to Tinder – and sex is what keeps her young.

But acid-tongued Anne has strict rules and has no problem saying “goodbye” to weak-link Romeos.

I downloaded Tinder last year after my daughter found her boyfriend on it.

I thought: ' If young women can find love on it, why can’t older women? I hate it when men pose holding beer in their profile pictures.

Most foreign men appreciate my figure, so when I’m in Italy my Tinder never stops pinging.

I want to meet someone who is a free spirit like me.

She says: "I set my Tinder age as 42, not 56, so men are more likely to be interested.