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Knowing that a handsome young man finds you attractive is a massive ego boost.But most younger men want to settle down and have children, so they don’t see an older woman as long-term.

I’ve had lots of luck on it and have met some great women.

Most foreign men appreciate my figure, so when I’m in Italy my Tinder never stops pinging.

I want to meet someone who is a free spirit like me.

After all, you only live once." WIDOWER Elaine Kingett, 67, runs her own wellness retreat and is mum to Jamie, 37, William, 32, and Lucy, 28. She says: "I was married for 32 years and widowed 17 years ago when my husband Jerry died of leukaemia at the age of 53.

Despite being married for so long, we never went off one another and had a great sex life.

Last week, 72-year-old TV presenter Anne Robinson revealed she has signed up to Tinder – and sex is what keeps her young.

But acid-tongued Anne has strict rules and has no problem saying “goodbye” to weak-link Romeos.For me, the only drawback is a lot of women are looking for relationships on there and I’m not.I’m not about settling down and I don’t want anything serious. As long as you’re upfront about your intentions, nobody can get hurt.One time I got a message from a 21-year-old but it didn’t feel right to me.I’m old enough to be her dad so I politely declined.Guys with shaved heads, tattoos or bad grammar are a big turn-off.

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