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Critics, though, say Kim may be trying to divide Seoul and Washington to weaken international pressure and sanctions over the tests.

Tensions between the two countries soared last year as the North made rapid progress on its banned nuclear weapons programs, while Trump engaged in an increasingly bellicose verbal scrap with Pyongyang's leader Kim Jong-Un.

Kim has since declared the country a nuclear power.

Despite the caustic effect of clashes and the battery of conventional weapons that the North has amassed at the border to threaten Seoul, the two nations have held talks in the past.

The North's ruling party newspaper criticized Trump's claims that enforcement of sanctions and increased pressure on the North were a 'diplomatic success' of his first year in office, calling that a 'ridiculous sophism' in a commentary published as the two sides started their talks on Tuesday.'It is very deplorable to see the U. politicians boasting of their diplomatic failure as 'diplomatic success,'' it said.

Kim Jong Un (left) had said in his New Year's Day address that he was willing to send a delegation to the Olympics being held next month in Pyeongyang, South Korea. views Tuesday's talks between North and South Korea as a good start but it's too early to know if they'll be meaningful beyond the Olympics preparations.

He cited the North Korean officials there as saying its delegation would include officials, athletes, cheerleaders and journalists.

South Korea has unilaterally banned several North Korean officials from entering the country in response to Pyongyang's ramped-up missile and nuclear tests, conducted despite international pressure.

But foreign ministry spokesman Roh Kyu-deok said Seoul would consider whether it needed to take 'prior steps', together with the UN Security Council and other relevant countries, to help the North Koreans visit for the Olympics.

Unification Minister Chun said South Korea proposed the two Koreas conduct a joint march during the Game's opening and closing ceremonies.

In March 2010 Seoul accused Pyongyang of torpedoing one of its corvette warships, killing 46 sailors. November that year saw North Korea launch its first attack on a civilian-populated area since the war, firing 170 artillery shells at Yeonpyeong.

Four people were killed, including two civilians.\ South Korean marines carry their weapons as they walk through a field on the island of Yeonpyeong, which lies on the South Korean side of the Northern Limit Line in the Yellow Sea.

This came after after Seoul said the country is willing to temporarily lift sanctions imposed on Pyongyang in order to allow the delegation to attend the games.