Outlook 2016 vote tracking not updating

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The speed and intensity of the falls in commodity prices in the last 18 months have increased financial stress and worsened the economic outlook for commodity exporters like Brazil, Russia and many countries in the Middle East.The combination of lower global growth and cheaper oil has meant inflation has fallen across advanced economies, with every major central bank revising down its inflation forecast.

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The government’s first duty to the next generation is to put the public finances on a sustainable footing.This provides the bedrock of security for working people.This Budget will ensure that the UK will meet its fiscal target of achieving a surplus in 2019-20.It reduces the deficit, achieves a surplus and makes the reforms needed so Britain is fit for the future.The UK is forecast to grow faster than any other economy this year, with employment at record highs, but with productivity growth weaker than forecast.Since 2010 the plan has been focussed on reducing the deficit, while delivering the supply side reforms necessary to improve long-term productivity growth.

That has allowed an active monetary policy to support the economy while ensuring the fiscal position is sustainable in the long term.So this Budget sets out long-term solutions to long-term problems and invests in the education, builds the infrastructure and supports the savings of the next generation. Since the Spending Review and Autumn Statement was published in November 2015, the outlook for the global economy has worsened and global growth has slowed, with the International Monetary Fund () predicting global growth of 3.4% in 2016, 0.2 percentage points lower than its October forecast.In this Budget, the government will take action to: ) to be the fastest growing major advanced economy this year. In advanced economies, there are growing concerns about productivity growth, high debt levels and deflationary risks.Headline measures include: These economies face a number of risks.As China rebalances towards domestic consumption, the emerging markets whose exports are geared to China’s previous manufacturing and investment-led growth are suffering.All this means the challenge of delivering a sustained rise in living standards following the financial crisis is greater here in Britain than the Office for Budget Responsibility () had previously forecast.

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