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In addition, she took on two notable television roles for Channel 4—as Viola/Cesario in a multicultural version of William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, and as Heere Sharma in the two-part Anglo-Indian drama Second Generation, loosely based on Shakespeare's King Lear, directed by Jon Sen and starring Om Puri.Although Second Generation was a ratings flop, it was a critical success, earning a place in The Observer newspaper's top 10 British TV programmes of 2003.

The first thing I did when I arrived was buy chapati flour and lentils." Nagra made her first appearance on ER on 25 September 2003, in the tenth-season premiere titled "Now What? She is the eldest of four children with two brothers and a sister. Nagra was born in Leicester, England, to Sukha and Nashuter Nagra, Sikh factory workers who emigrated from the Punjab region of India in the 1960s.The small-budget film was a critical and financial success in the United Kingdom, eventually making the leap around the world and to Canada and the United States where it earned over million at the box office.The script was written by Chadha with her husband Paul Mayeda Berges and Guljit Bindra with Nagra in mind.In 1996, Nagra took a small part in Chikamatsu Monzaemon's Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards that was performed at Cottesloe, Royal National Theatre.

Despite lacking formal theatrical training, Nagra signed with Joan Brown, a veteran London-based agent, after which she was cast in small television roles in the British medical drama Casualty, and in the television film King Girl, in which she played an abusive member of an all-girl gang.Nagra's other notable stage roles during this period include: In 2001, Nagra voiced a Muslim girl in the docu-drama Arena: The Veil about women who choose to wear the Muslim head scarf.In 1997, not long after Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards, Nagra was cast in Oh Sweet Sita, an adaptation of Indian mythology about Rama and his wife Sita, in the title role of Sita.Acknowledging Nagra's actual burn-scarred leg, Chadha wrote it into the film.Nagra received critical and professional acclaim for her performance.In 1997, Nagra appeared in the three-part drama Turning World opposite Roshan Seth.