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Other names include brindle, tricolor cat, tobi mi-ke (Japanese for 'triple fur'), and lapjeskat (Dutch for 'patches cat'); calicoes with diluted coloration have been called calimanco or clouded tiger.

This reflects the genetic effects on relative speeds of migration of melanocytes and X-inactivation in the embryo.

Serious study of calico cats seems to have begun about 1948 when Murray Barr and his graduate student E. Bertram noticed dark, drumstick-shaped masses inside the nuclei of nerve cells of female cats, but not in male cats. Calico cats are almost always female because the locus of the gene for the orange/non-orange coloring is on the X chromosome.

Calico cats are domestic cats with a spotted or particolored coat that is predominantly white, with patches of two other colors (often, the two other colors are orange and black).

Outside North America, the pattern is more usually called tortoiseshell-and-white.

Such a combination of chromosomes could produce tortoiseshell or calico markings in the male, in the same way as XX chromosomes produce them in the female.

All but about one in three thousand of the rare calico or tortoiseshell male cats are sterile because of the chromosome abnormality, and breeders reject any exceptions for stud purposes because they generally are of poor physical quality and fertility.In the absence of other influences, such as color inhibition that causes white fur, the alleles present in those orange loci determine whether the fur is orange or not.Female cats — like all female placental mammals — normally have two X chromosomes.In contrast, male placental mammals, including chromosomally stable male cats, have one X and one Y chromosome.Since the Y chromosome does not have any locus for the orange gene, there is no chance that an XY male could have both orange and non-orange genes together, which is what it takes to create tortoiseshell or calico coloring.Published by the Censorship of Publications Board (Ireland) in accordance with directions of the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform pursuant to sub-section (5) of section 16 of the Censorship of Publications Act, 1946 PART I Amour Hard Anus Aura Base Guide to London, The Beating the Bounds Beauty and the Beast Best of CUM, The Bianca's Island (Book Two) Big Shots Black Buck Body to Body Bound Ankles Bound Wrists Boy on the Bicycle, The A collection of erotic tales, essays and a Complete Novel by Thom Nickels Britannia Rules Butchboys, Stories for Men Who Need It Bad Captives Afloat Captives of Sodom Captive II, The Captive III, The Chained Chicken Chamber of Horrors Chocolate Captive Claudine Cocker's Folly Cops in Training Dark and Light Darling Death Scenes Deep Throat II Do It Yourself Domination Fascination Double-Fucking Dream 16 Lovers Eager Young Snatch Ehe In Wollust Emma's Secret World (Book Four) Fall of Barbaria, The (Book One) Flesh Fables, The Freche Teens Geisha Girls Georgina Golden Wrists Goodbye Jenny Blain Governess, The Readers Special G-spot in words and pictures, The Hard Throbs Working the Docks Harte Knospen Heart Throbs - An Anthology of Erotic Tales and Star Essays Hidden Gallery, The House of Dreams Images of Ironwood Inquisition, The Invitation to Enslavement Ironwood IV Ironwood Revisited Julia in Captivity (Book One) Kim, my beloved Kung Fu Nuns Kwartet Sex Lawyers Clerk, The Lechage de chatte Les Filles Du Sexe Lesson for Orla, A Lord of the Manor Love Italian Style Mad Man, The Mammoth Book of Erotica, The Mann oder Frau? The classic gay suspense novel Meatmen, An Anthology of Gay Male Comics, Volume 1 Memoirs of Dolly Morton, The Men of the Twisted Cross Mike and the Marines Moist Urge, A Mistress Mommy Mother's Loving Son My Secret Life, Volume Three, Books Five & Six.