Problems validating visa debit card

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Here are some hints for entering your address: Example address: 1337 W.Cloudphone St., Apt #42 Try: 1337 West Cloudphone Street Example Institutional Address: University of Telefonica, Department of Communications, 23 Greetings Ave.

Sometimes the address that the bank has on file is a variation of your actual address.Banks have automated fraud detection systems that looks for suspicious purchases, and exactly how they make these decisions is something of a mystery.You may need to call your bank to ensure that you card has not had a "hold" put on it because it suspected that the charges you have been attempting were fraudulent. If this is the problem, it can usually be corrected by calling your bank, telling them that the charge was declined and asking if there is a "hold" on the card or anything else that would prevent the card from being used.If your card can only be used in "debit" mode, you will need to use a different card.This is frequently a problem with Visa Debit cards from Europe.Using an EMV debit card will deduct funds from a bank account, and requires entering a PIN or signing for a transaction.

EMV debit is not a new or separate category of debit card – it’s simply debit cards with a chip for increased security.

There are 4 main reasons why your machine may not prompt a customer for their PIN: the terminal is not set up with the common AID, the customer did not choose the common AID, the card is not PIN-preferring, or your machine does not have the correct injection keys.

The “common AID” (short for “application identifier”) communicates with the chip card and allows PIN debit transactions to take place.

This particular problem often affects customers with non-US based credit cards, since banks outside the U. may be suspicious of a sudden charge to the card from a U. We are able to accept credit cards from over 230 countries.

If you've tried calling your bank, asked about everything on this page, and your credit card still isn't being accepted, please contact Support and we will do our best to find out what might be going wrong.

The two main types of debit are still PIN debit and signature debit.

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