Queen latifah dating jeanette jenkins

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I'd love to see Queen Latifah come out, because she'd be such a fantastic spokesperson if she chose that route. She could be a good role model to LGBT people of color.But I would want her to be enthusiastic about it, and I wouldn't want her to feel like the world thrust it upon her. But if she does take that role as an out public figure and role model, it should be her own decision.

And this suggests that there are kids out there who would sure be helped by her being out.Call me a dreamer but I feel very strongly that if there were more prominent figures who were open about their sexuality, then we wouldn’t be struggling so hard for equal rights. It's nice when celebrities come out, but they don't change the world. The homophobe in your family might not care what people in Hollywood do and may even call Ellen Degeneres "Ellen Degenerate." However, knowing someone close to them is LGBTQ would strike closer to home. Plus, celebrities are always a mixed bag--a nice, steady, decent one is a wonderful spokesperson but a loudmouth candidate for rehab is not. I just feel that an ‘out’ celebrity could help reach and engage those that I can’t.Celebrities are brought in to draw more media attention to an LGBTQ event.I think it would be a touch of class if she could get together with her handlers and organize a nice press conference or appearance on Leno to get her message out about her sexuality, her identity and her relationship with Jeanette on her terms. As others have noted, it's her call because it is her sexuality.But it's not something the queer community should compel her to do. And Johnny Weir was an invited guest to an HRC banquet even though he's never openly declared his sexual identity. I do wish she'd come out as either bi or lesbian, if either fits, simply because she certainly seems to be in a financial position such that coming out would not harm her, and would likely benefit LGBT people.Repeated violations of the policy will result in revocation of your user account.

Please keep in mind that this is our online home; ill-mannered house guests will be shown the door. No one asks to be born lesbian No one asks to be born gay No one asks to be born transexed These are things you ARE born as and it is beyond my comprehension that some misplaced "duty" to a community you might not even feel a part of places any obligation on you to be public about matters that are intensely personal and private by their very nature.Last week photos were published showing Queen Latifah embracing her longtime partner, Jeanette Jenkins, while on a private yacht cruise. Instead, she says her sexual orientation is no one's business but her own and says Jenkins is her trainer.The comparisons between Harris and Latifah are stark and telling, but as I mused about this last night with Jerame, he asked me if I thought Harris was a better person. He said, "So you're saying that she needs to come out on your time and not her own? She's gone into the dodge-and-weave-to-make-more-money area now." What do you think? Or is it fine that she just says it's nobody's business but her own? While arguing about an opinion or idea is encouraged, personal attacks will not be tolerated. The editorial team will delete a comment that is off-topic, abusive, exceptionally incoherent, includes a slur or is soliciting and/or advertising.A close source told the newspaper that its a huge setback for Latifah because: “this is the woman at one point she [Latifah] thought she'd end up with for life.”In 2008, ENQUIRER reported that Latifah and Jenkins were 'planning a gay wedding' together.Then in 2010, Latifah, 44, and Jenkins, 40 were spotted embracing on pal Alicia Keys' yacht following Keys' wedding to R&B artist Swizz Beatz in the Mediterranean. 2014, kissing her rumored "serious" girlfriend, celebrity choreographer Eboni Nichols, 36, while on vacation at a Sardinian resort.Real progress in ending homophobia and gynophobia and transphobia won't come until more answer the question "why does it matter to you? " I do not give a damn what she does in her private life -- as long as she does not support anti-LGBT/TQ organizations, and does not take an anti-LGBT/TQ stance on issues. Why her actions harm the greater-gay-community (communities) -- well, then she's fair game. If she were denying it then I'd say she was out of line, but she has a right to some privacy in a very public career.