Rite aid dating policy

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The proposed class includes thousands of former California Rite Aid employees who worked at the drug store chain beginning in February 2007, according to court documents.If the ruling becomes final, it would be a significant boost for the former workers' claims that Rite Aid violated California's final pay and waiting time laws when it failed to pay terminated employees earned wages in a timely manner.

Rite Aid offers customers a generous customer satisfaction guarantee on the products that it carries.

Customers can also choose to make a product exchange.

So apparently not having a receipt just makes you an automatic criminal?!

Rite Aid has hundreds of written policies concerting working conditions for employees that cover overtime pay, meal periods, leaves of absence and vacations, according to court documents.

But the company didn't have a written policy regarding payments of final wages to recently discharged California employees until the lawsuit was filed, the workers claim. Early of Kelly Hockel & Klein PC, who represents Rite Aid, argued that recently terminated employees could receive their final wages at one of three specific dates: the last day they clocked out for work, the termination date or when the decision to terminate an employee has been made.

The following weekend they were on sale buy 1 get 2 free. I currently have an email from Rite Aid stating the glasses are currently buy 1 get 1. Rite Aid Rite Aid return policy without receipt in Riverside California off of Van Buren and Washington is very very sad if your homeless and you buy something and you lose the receipt you're not allowed to return it at all if your homeless it's sad and I saw it for my own eyes they should be sued and you should be ashamed of yourself Rite Aid Regarding Rite Aid's so called return policy: Rite aid now has the product I purchased to put back on the shelf to sell for full price, kept half the purchase price in dollars, plus the other half refunded to me on a rite aid gift card to be spent in their store. I loved and worked just a block away so when I had a dull moment I'd go over a buy a few unessesary beauty items to help me feel better about being a 8month pregnant planet, the employees knew me and were always pleasant. When I go in to return things I am very blantantly judged and scrutinized.

Employees don't even wait until I am out kfbearvshot before they discuss that the things I've returned are probably stolen.Opened or unopened beauty products covered under the "Don't Pay for Your Mistakes" Guarantee can receive a full refund when the original receipt is presented within 30 days.Returning Other Items without a Receipt Customers who return an item without a receipt will receive a Rite Aid Merchandise Return Card for the lowest retail selling price of the item within the last 30 days.The employees are represented by the Law Office of Louis Benowitz, by Shaun Setareh and Hayley Schwartzkopf of the Law Office of Shaun Setareh, and by David Spivak of The Spivak Law Firm. Please find details regarding the return and refund policies for Rite Aid below.When products are returned within 30 days of the receipt date, customers can receive an exchange, credit or merchandise credit according to the following guidelines for returns.

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