Ru dating member network

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Ru dating member network

He also confided: “I suspect this is not the end of this one.I suspect things will progress probably partly due to the work you guys are doing.”The Lyca group buys surplus international airtime and data from the major telecoms operators wholesale and sells it on cheap prepaid calling cards and SIMs to its 14 million customers – mostly migrants from Asia, Africa, and South America living in Europe – so they can “call the world for less”.

However, staff in the branches visited by the couriers told Buzz Feed News they felt uncomfortable taking such enormous sums of cash and had repeatedly flagged the deposits as suspicious but were instructed to continue accepting the money.In a surveillance operation over five weeks in June and July this year, our reporters watched the men leave the depot in an unmarked black people carrier and followed them to Post Offices scattered across east London.They were secretly filmed handing sums of up to £240,000 over the counter in a red-and-black rucksack.Part Three: Tory Donor Reported To Cops For “Money Laundering” After Rival Spied On Cash Drops.One of the Conservative party’s biggest corporate donors, Lycamobile, is facing serious questions over its finances after three bagmen were secretly filmed dropping off rucksacks stuffed with hundreds of thousands of pounds twice a day at Post Offices across London.Buzz Feed News has confirmed that around 18 months ago Santander Bank reviewed the unlimited amounts the company was previously allowed to deposit because of the large volumes of Lyca's cash flowing through the Post Office into its accounts.

It imposed limits of between £100,000 and £240,000 on the money the couriers could drop off at each branch after a series of Post Office tellers raised suspicions.

Internal Tory emails show that the party accepted a large donation from the telecoms giant just days after the party’s compliance department raised concerns about its chaotic accounting in 2012.

The gift bought the company’s Sri Lankan-born owner, Subaskaran Allirajah, a place in David Cameron’s private dining club for top donors, and the emails show he promised to advise the party on business and help deliver British Asian votes.

The party is now facing mounting pressure to sever its ties with the company amid serious concerns about its unorthodox cash movements, chaotic accounting practices, avoidance of tax, and alleged links to a defunct foreign regime mired in corruption claims.

Buzz Feed News began its investigation after being tipped off that cash couriers working at Lyca’s depot at a business park in Beckton were driving to branches of the Post Office and making suspiciously large cash deposits.

However, experts said the company’s unorthodox method of depositing cash at scattered locations should raise a red flag with the anti-money-laundering and tax authorities.

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    Launched in 2013, it has more than 700,000 profiles of users in Singapore and more than seven million users across seven markets in Asia.