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Played by Sanaa Lathan, Kenya is a highly-successful accountant at a prestigious Los Angeles accounting firm.

With Brian (Simon Baker), who couldn’t possibly be more the exact opposite of Kenya’s list, starting with the fact that he’s white and not an executive type but a landscape artist.

It's shocking to hear such talk because it sounds so, well, racist.

But each time "Something New" touches on something controversial, it quickly retreats to some silliness, such as an ongoing routine involving Kenya's brother's womanizing.

While keeping up appearances with perfect makeup and coiffed hair, Kenya struggles to choose between the two as if they were the only men in the world -- a common conceit in romantic comedies, where widening the playing field would only complicate matters.

This movie was originally titled 42.4 Percent, which came from a study published in Newsweek.

That number represents the percentage of educated black women who never marry.

The story focuses on the efforts of one such woman, Kenya, to find not only a husband but true love.

The trouble with the movie is that it sometimes seems at odds with itself, vacillating between a realistic presentation of the obstacles black professional women face finding a suitable mate and another bit of Hollywood fluff where their skin color is glossed over.

It's a good bet that screenwriter Kriss Turner, who's worked on the edgy "Bernie Mac Show" and "Everybody Hates Chris," had to fight to keep some edginess in "Something New." Part of the battle is fought -- and won -- by Sanaa Lathan, whose nuanced performance as Kenya Mc Queen turns her into the kind of complicated heroine Jane Austen might have created.

Something New is the feature-film directing debut for Sanaa Hamri, who has an extensive background in music videos and commercials.

The movie also marks the feature scripting debut of Kriss Turner, who wrote the first draft of the script, and one of the two writers who polished the rough draft, Lisa Jones.

Kasi Lemmons, the other scripter, has had some experience in writing for the big screen, as well as an acting background.