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He had already spent half his life behind the wheel of a truck. There was not a mark on the highly waxed bright red paint of the KW or the yellow lettering on the doors. Do you really expect to get to San Diego stealing radios? Sam paid for Joy’s things and added a small bottle of Obsession cologne. “I gota pee.” She jumped down and headed for the truck stop’s restrooms. “I’ll be leaving in 10 minutes.” In about 5 minutes, Joy came trotting back across the parking lot. Sam then pulled Joy’s panties off and spread her legs.

A short time after arriving, Sam had finished his dinner and was leisurely walking across the truck stop parking lot. However, fuel is damned expensive, and you’ll have to be fed. If you please me, I might even throw in a couple hundred bucks when we get to San Diego.” Joy looked shocked, but she didn’t jump out of the truck and run. I’ve never done any of that.” “Have you been out on dates? True to his word, he pulled into the first rest area and found a rather dark spot to park his rig. “You can get out right now if you like, but if you stay, you will cooperate. Do you want to get out now, or drop them pants and get eaten? As Sam licked rapidly up and down Joy’s split he occasionally pushed his tongue into her tight virginal hole. If you’re not here when I get back, I’ll assume you changed your mind. He then stepped up to the side of the bunk, pulled Joy to the edge, and flopped his soft cock in front of her mouth. That was much bigger than the cocks of the two teen boys Joy had jerked off. She sucked hard, made good use of her tongue, and swallowed every drop of cum Sam pumped into her mouth. I’ll get us some burgers and be right back.” Joy doze off again. Don’t be so nosey.” After they ate, Sam smiled at Joy, and said. Time to get your ass fucked.” Joy looked a little fearful. ” “Yes, but probably not as much as your pussy did.” Sam told her.

He gave Joy one last hard ram and held his cock fully buried in her ass. “You seemed to like butt fucking, Baby.” “Not at first! Joy’s ass was still hurting and squatting down caused it to throb from the fucking. Joy celebrated her recent sixteenth birthday by climbing on top of Sam and riding his cock until they both came. ‘This little slut is turning into one hell of a fine and willing sex slave for an old trucker.

But yes, my butt seemed to come alive and, I started to like it.” “Good, we’ll do it again, soon.” Sam said. Her asshole had closed up again, but cum was dipping from her. I don’t think we’ll need that, but....” Looking in the nearly empty tube of sunburn cream, he added. Now, let’s fuck that ass.” In a little over two weeks, they were back in LA. In a short time, Joy had gone from being a virginal little girl to a horny, cum hungry, slut.

With a little pressure, Sam pushed his cock’s head between Joy’s vaginal lips. Her pelvis was tipped to a better angle and Sam drove deeply into Joy. A hard shove by Sam, and Joy had 6 ½ inches of hard cock buried in her asshole. When Joy relaxed a little, he shoved all the way back in. As he felt his eruption nearing, he gradually increased the speed and force of his thrusts.

Again, pulling nearly out of Joy’s ass, Sam tightened his grip on her hips and repeatedly rammed his ridged cock into the depths of her bowels.

“Ummph, ummph, ummph.” Joy was not hurting so much any more. She was pushing back nearly as hard as Sam was pushing in. She too could feel what seemed like her bowels squeezing Sam’s cock. That’s kind of nice, Sam.” When Sam’s cock became too soft to stay in Joy’s ass, he withdrew and helped her stand up. I sure as hell can’t get my pussy eaten and all the cock I want there.

Just a few more hard deep thrusts and Sam was about to cum. He held her close, kissed her lips, and patted her ass. She went to her knees and licked every trace of cum, blood, and shit from Sam’s cock. Keep driving, Sam.” Sam gave the belated birthday gift she had requested.

The comment section has been restricted to members only due to spammers and other idiots. He was tired, hungry, and longed for a little chat with a cute waitress he knew worked there. Then, I’ll get you some new clothes, and a bottle of nice perfume. They both used the truck stop showers and Sam bought Joy dinner.

Trucker’s Joy Sam pulled his big rig into a truck stop outside Jacksonville, Florida. Be sure to do a good job cleaning that pussy and ass. “OK, let’s go.” She said as she jumped down from the truck and waited for Sam to join her.

He slowly slid his cock deeply into Joy’s fuck hole. I’m still a little sore.” Sam slowly thrust in and out of Joy’s recently devirginated pussy. They were soon humping each other as hard as they could.

When Sam was fully embedded in her hole, Joy moaned. Joy grunted each time Sam rammed his cock into her depths. Besides, I think my ass needs broken in a little more.

As she brightened, she wrapped her legs around Sam’s head and let him take her over the top again.