Tax consequences of liquidating a corporation

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Forming a C corporation was once the only way the owner of a small business could shield himself from the debts and liabilities of the company.

Accordingly, the shareholders recognize gain on the liquidation, measured by the excess of the net value of the property received over the basis of the stock surrendered in the transaction.2 However, in a private letter ruling issued by the IRS late last year, both the corporation and the distributee shareholders were absolved of any tax consequences arising from the liquidation of the corporation.Accordingly, a corporation was formed based on a “plan of conversion” that transformed a partnership to a corporation.In the conversion, partners holding Class A interests in the partnership received Class A common stock in the corporation, while partners holding Class B interests received either Class B or Class C common stock in the corporation.A month later, the corporation made a distribution to its shareholders in their capacity as former partners.In its ruling, the IRS stated that the distribution would have been made, in the same amounts, whether or not the partnership had converted into a corporation.If you want to liquidate a C corporation and form an LLC, you should be aware that in most cases, the tax consequences will be negative.

The corporation must recognize a gain on any appreciated property.

If you decide to change to another form of business organization, close your operations permanently or sell your business to another, you will likely need to liquidate the corporation.

Every small business is different, and the tax consequences depend on several factors.

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Consider a case examined by the Internal Revenue Service last year that provides insight into a useful tool for companies that expect to liquidate assets.

However, it is possible to make certain generalizations.