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I salute the self-satisfied, multi-chinned, trunk bunket.DUMBEST QUIZ SHOW ANSWERS: The Chase, Bradley Walsh, right: “Dundonians are natives of which Scottish city?

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Whooping and applause replacing laughter on comedy shows, like The Last Leg.

THE ANNUAL MONKEY TENNIS AWARD FOR CREATIVITY: Goes to Channel 5 for Celebrity 5 Go Motorhoming, with Cleo Rocos, Don Warrington, Melvyn Hayes, Lesley Joseph and Nick Heyward from Haircut 100. .” BEST TV SHOW: Deserving of very honourable mentions: Gogglebox (especially Jenny and Lee, in Hull), The Crown, Big Little Lies, OJ: Made In America, First Dates: Celebrity Special, with Michael Fabricant MP, The Real Full Monty, Jeff Stelling’s weekly masterclass on Soccer Saturday, Catching A Killer, A Plastic Whale, Game Of Thrones, An Hour To Catch A Killer, The State, BBC4’s The Vietnam War, Michael Mc Intyre’s Big Show and every episode of The Apprentice apart from the final.

FAVOURITE LOVE ISLAND MOMENT: Post-coital Kem to Amber: “You are the woman of my dreams.” “What’s my second name then? Three contrasting shows really did stand out from the competition, however.

A collective sulk that’s very much ongoing at the time of going to press. Corbyn will not be leader of the Labour Party and Far Eastern stock markets will be unstable.” And while I haven’t checked the Hang Seng Index recently, it’s fair to say, if Jemima says it’s going to be unstable, it’s probably fine.

MOST WILDLY OPTIMISTIC TITLE: March 5: “ITV, 10.20: The Nightly Show: Best Bits.” And at ? SURVIVAL TIP OF THE YEAR: The Island, Bear Grylls: “Catching a Caiman crocodile is a difficult skill to master.

” Chester: “Cardiff.” Tipping Point, Ben Shephard: “The word swap is an anagram of which stinging insect? Bradley Walsh: “Who was the first horse to win the Grand National three times?

(born April 10, 1959), known professionally as Babyface, is an American singer, songwriter and record producer.

, Have I Got News For You, the monstrously PC Sports Personality of the Year and Newsnight, which reached a new low when it was beaten to the first big interview with dingbat Trump supporters, Diamond and Silk, by Educating Joey Essex. The runner on Lord Lucan: My Husband the Truth, Guy Hide. BEST NAME/LOCATION CAPTION: The Discovery Channel’s reliably funny Dating Naked show offers us a penis pump salesman who appeared above the legend: “Chase, Morehead.” WORST PREDICTION: This Morning’s “asparamancer” Jemima Packington, who can see into the future just by tossing a bunch of asparagus into the air and seeing where it lands.

HUFF OF THE YEAR: Meryl Streep, Stephen Fry, Ken Loach and the rest of the dressing-up box community stamping their little feet at February’s Baftas in fury over Donald Trump’s US election victory. , Dr Foster, The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Broadchurch III, which turned out to be yet another telling off for men, and the “big reveal” on Liar. With uncanny accuracy, back in April, she told us: “Boris Johnson will be leader of the Conservative Party by the end of the year.

(No, grow up), Channel 5’s answer to Love Island, Make or Break, ITV2’s Bromans, which was utter brollocks, The Halcyon, Rellik and Tamara’s World, on ITVBe.

The memory of two particular shows, though, is harder to erase than all of them.

WORST SOAP STORYLINE: EU-themed nights at The Queen Vic and Coronation Street’s never-ending Phelan saga were just edged by the sight of East Enders’ Max Branning, Bonnie “Carmel” Langford and a few of the market regulars rescuing Martin Fowler from underneath a crashed, 13-ton double-decker bus (The 764 to Barking) with a “One, two, LIIIIIIIFT.” Barking indeed.

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