Tymoshenko s defense kireyev publicily intimidating the defense

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Tymoshenko s defense kireyev publicily intimidating the defense - updating xbox360 nxe from c d

Correspondents say Tymoshenko appeared tired in court and went pale shortly before she asked for a recess.

"What is taking place today in Ukraine's east and south is not just an aggression, not just a terrorist act by Russia against those regions of Ukraine," she said.Tymoshenko was freed in February under legislation passed by parliament as Yanukovych's pro-Russian government collapsed under the pressure of mass protests and clashes between demonstrators and security forces.When she was prime minister, until spring 2010, Tymoshenko had a working relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.If you are a country that wants to get close relations with the European Union, you have to apply standards that are commensurate with that -- in other words, proper standards of justice."So, we are concerned, but that doesn't take away from the fact that we hope this can be sorted out and that we can hope to conclude the negotiations by the end of the year." Unexplained Bruises Tymoshenko's trial on abuse-of-power charges was postponed until August 22 after she complained in court on August 18 of health problems and requested an independent medical examination, including blood tests."In the nearest hours, we will recommend the appointment of the commanders of those territorial brigades of defense, who will be mobilizing people," she said.

She also said it was necessary to start a broad dialogue with the "elites" of the eastern region -- even if, she said, they are being "paid" by the Russian military and security agencies to stir up separatist sentiment and seize territory.Tymoshenko acknowledged the challenges faced by Ukraine's army, police, and special services, saying they have been left in "an extremely weak" and "demoralized" condition after years of mismanagement during the past two decades of Ukraine's post-Soviet economic decline.Tymoshenko added that the crisis should not force the postponement of the May 25 presidential election.Kireyev criticized the defense for wasting the court's time."The court has established the procedure for settling motions,' the judge said."Now, again, the defense is turning this trial into a list of its declarations.