Updating ios on 6506 sup720

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Updating ios on 6506 sup720 - dating site first email subject

• Involved in Racking and stacking different network devices in the Data Center.• Worked on physical interfaces such as Ten-Gigabit, Gigabit, Fast Ethernet and Serial interfaces.

• Involved in design and Implementation of Data-Center Migration.PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: NYU Langone MCIT, New York, NY Role: Senior Network Engineer.Jan 2017 – Present Responsibilities: • Involved in the activity of designing and implementing network device like Distribution layer and access layer switch, WAN Router’s and voice gateway for remote site.• Configured and deployed Cisco Catalyst 3850, 4507, 45 switches. • Prepared documents and report for the complete design on new network device installation.• Provided subnets for Data, voice, WAPS and other managed networks using Infoblox.• Involved in Bandwidth analysis for various medical application and IT requirements to the Medical center.

• Managed assignments of network numbering resources. Jun 2016 – Dec 2016 Responsibilities: • Involved in the activity of Data-Center Migration of cisco catalyst switch 6513E to new nexus N7710 switch using F3/M3 line-cards with 10GE & 40GE interfaces and Supervisor 2E/2T.

Switching protocols such as VTP, STP, RPVST and channel protocols such as LACP and PAGP.

• Updated and installed CISCO IOS and Catalyst OS software on different Switches and Routers.

• Prepared documentation on network design and update existing design using VISIO.

• Involved in providing design and solution for the network device for various remote medical center based on the IT Requirements and Medical Application.

• Configured PPP, HDLC, BGPv4, EIGRP, MPLS, IS-IS and OSPF routing.

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