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Cop Out: (1) Form that a prisoner must fill out requesting action. Corner:" A corner is defined by who a man hangs out with. Lot's of times, even a loner is hooked to a certain corner, so within that you've got `strong corners,' `weak corners,' etc. (FED) Daddy: A dominant prisoner who protects or uses a weaker homosexual partner. The prisoner must give names and identify criminal activity.Once you know all the corners, where they are, and what their guidelines are, then you get an easy feel for the pulse of a prison." -- Dannie Martin, Committing Journalism. Count: The institutional count, repeated at different times in the day. This is the only means available to a prisoner to establish that they have left a prison gang and should be released from segregation.

AC: Aryan Circle, a white prison gang found in some states. More commonly in California, this designation would refer to the " Adjustment Center." Ace: a puff of a cigarette, as in " Bust me down with an ace" (NY) Ace Boon Coon: Best friend Ace-Duce: Best friend. In theory, the unit was to provide an intensive program. Placement in a controlled unit for the safety and security of the institution -- including allegations of gang affiliation, investigation of a disciplinary offense, or repeated misconduct.

Also, the title of a column in the now-defunct San Quentin News Beast: Sex offender (England), also called a "nonce." Bean Chute: Slot through which food trays are inserted. (Ontario, Can.) Birds on the Line: Warning that someone is listening to a conversation. As in " He got a 72 hour blickum,: substuting for lockdown. Blind: Area where correctional officers cannot see, as in " Let's go to the blind." Bling Bling: Officers are coming. (Ind.) Blood In, Blood Out: To enter a prison gang by committing a stabbling, to leave by being the victim of a stabbing. To point out when another prisoner is doing something against the rules. (NY) Blue Belly: Correctional Officer (Maine) Blues: Prison clothes. (archiac) Boat: To transfer out of a prison, as in "on a boat." Bo-Bos State issued tennis shoes.

Also, slot through which ad seg prisoners are cuffed prior to leaving cell. Shoes that may be bought through a prison commissary (FL).

(TX) Beat Your Feet: Order by an officer for a prisoner to move out of an area. Also, "stainless steel ride," "doctorate in applied chemestry," or the "needle." Big *****: Convicted under the habitual criminal act which carries a mandatory life sentence. Bolillos: Whites, perhaps from a term for a large loaf of white bread. Bull Dagging: Homosexual activities between women; taking a homosexual partner. (archaic) Burn rubber: Exclamation meaning " Get lost," " Leave me alone!

(TX) Beef: A disciplinary charge, as to "catch a beef." Be Farts and Cell Partners: Beans and franks. See also " Little *****." (TX) Billies: White men. (NY) Bippy: A small paper cone of cleaning powder used for scrubbing cells. (Sp., TX) Bomb: Paper rolled tightly together that is lit and used to heat items. " I've got my bonaroos all ready for my next visit." Bone: (2) Cigarette. (GA) Bowling Alley Units that have a long and wide cement walkway. See "pruno." Buck Rodgers Time: A parole date so far into the next century, the prisoners cannot imagine release. Buggin' Out: Going ballastic, losing one's mind, going totally crazy. Also, " Bull Dagger," a macho-acting lesbian. (TX) Bunkie: The person with whom a prisoner shares a double bunk bed. " Burnt Up: To get into trouble or to receive a disciplinary report. (TN) Bus Therapy: The practice of transferring prisoners from one institution to another, to keep them from away from their property, visits, and other contacts. Also known as "diesel therapy," "grey goose therapy," or "round robin." Buster: (1) Disrepect referring to the fact that someone "busted" or swore to a statement upon something of value in the prison culture and was found to have lied. Cap pealed: Someone's head, as in " I'm gonna peal his cap" Calaboose: Prison or jail (archaic). (Sp.) Case Disciplinary violation, as in "to catch a case." (TX) See also " Beef." Cap: The amount of marijuana that fits into a chapstick cap. Catcher: Sexually passive or submissive, often victimized Cat-J: A prisoner who needs mental health treatment.

Cadillac: (1) Coffee with cream & sugar, smooth, rich and creamy. Officers in the area, as in "cat walk front to back." C. (Iowa) Cell Gangster: One who talks tough locked in his cell. Also known as a "cell warrior" or "cell soldier." (AK) Cellie: Cellmate.

Chain: Used when a prisoner is transferred to another unit or arrives and departs on the bus.

Baby: A weak prisoner used for sex, a "punk." (FL) Badge: A correctional officer. Bam-Bam: The mental health ward or a prisoner who is a mental health patient.(MI) Banger: A knife. Bar: To fear a certain area or restrict one from an area, such as a cell. Blanket party: Throwing a blanket over a despised prisoner, so he or she can't identify an attacker.

As in " You are barred from this side of the yard." Bastille by the Bay: San Quentin, a term coined by San Francisco columnist Herb Caen. Blickey: AIDS, as in " He or she has the blickey." Blickum: Generic term used as a substitute for other words. (FL) Blazed: To be under the influence, high, or stoned.

" He left out on the chain yesterday." Chainin": Used when a prisoner is transferblack to another unit or arrives and departs on the bus.

" He went chainin this mornin." Chalk or Raisin Jack: Home made alcohol, or pruno.

(NY) Check Off: Someone who asks for protective custody due to debts, or because he is scared. Also, an officer who conducts his business and does not hassle or instigate trouble. Often used with lifers to refer to a date set by the Board of Prison Terms, Dead: (1) No, as in " That's dead." (2) Deprive of something.

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