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Is the touch version as stable as the mouse version?

Pi Scan has a good chance of working with any CHDK-enabled device.The mouse and touch versions are identical except for some configuration options, so you shouldn't have any stability issues.I'd offer to ship you a Pi screen, but I have a feeling that the shipping cost for it would be almost as much as the device itself.So for those who want to control their scanner directly from a Windows machine, I'd recommend that as the first thing to try. I'd be happy to try out Pi Scan Daniel and let you know how it goes.About mouse vs touch: You only have a download link for the mouse version of Pi Scan at github, but I did manage to download the touch version as well.It includes as much debugging information as possible which you can send along to me to help diagnose the issue. it is great to see you on that video)harpmaster, the code is open source and it will likely be possible for it to run on any Linux distribution.

It even helps you capture crash romlogs off the cameras. if i don't want for the future use a raspberry and an extra sd-card, will you work for a linux-version to use it on a virtual machine to easy use it on a windows-os? When I release the build scripts I am working on, it should give a good idea of what packages and pre-requisites it needs.

However, I am not going to officially support these use cases.

One of the hazards of a small project like this is to let the scope grow to beyond the grasp of the developer.

On a simple failure, just tap ok and you are immediately back at the capture screen and ready to capture the page again.

If there is a crash, Pi Scan waits until you turn the camera back on, then you can lock focus again and keep scanning.

I have two Canon A2600 though and not A2500, any idea if the A2600 work?