Wagner and mary dating

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While attempting to get her ring back, Felicia quickly attracted Frisco and the two started to fall in love.

When she who is left paralyzed following a parachuting accident, she is saved with the same procedures that saved Austin.She has been portrayed by actress Kristina Wagner, on and off, since the character's debut on September 7, 1984.For a little while in 2005, Sandra Ferguson temporarily took over the role.The character probed so popular with audiences that Wagner starred in her own spin-off for three seasons.Both The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman ended their runs in 1978.Felicia was unable to chose between Frisco and Colton.

After getting into an accident, she developed amnesia and befriended Colton's younger brother Decker Moss.

Felicia arrived in Port Charles in 1984, dressed as a boy and intent on getting back an Aztec heirloom, in the form of a ring that Frisco Jones had purchased years earlier.

Felicia claimed the ring as hers and had every intention of getting her property back.

Felicia soon realizes that Frisco is the one for her and she reunites with her lover.

In 1990, they are once again married in a small wedding at Sean's penthouse.

After returning for a brief time in 2007, Felicia returned to GH in April 2012 and has stayed there since on a recurring basis.