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devil on their shoulders to various degrees," Reed adds.

The mom, Victoria Koloff, says, “We struggle every day with the same thing other people do, but we are Christian.

The Koloffs tell that they applied after seeing a post on Craigslist.

Victoria actually thought it was for a possible TV interview that she thought could be a good experience for Kolby and didn't realize it was for a reality show.

There's frank talk about sexuality ("finger" sex, oral sex, "backdoor" sex, and penetration are the highlights of a female preacher's teen sex class) and harsh repercussions for those who break rules of conduct, but physical contact is limited to kissing and embracing.

Drug and alcohol use is shown as well as discussed as part of teens' behavior.

The three girls on Lifetime’s newest reality series seem like most typical teens, sweet and angling to be older.

They are curious about boys, sometimes acting on that, which explains why one is already a mom.

"A lot of reality shows nowadays feel overproduced or soft-scripted; in this, you see a lot of true reality playing out." Reed says the concept was developed by some producers he works with at production company Thinkfactory Media, and he instantly warmed to the idea.

During the course of his research, he also discovered that preacher's kid (or PK) syndrome -- the tendency for preachers' kids be more rebellious -- really does exist.

"They are dealing with the same madness and frustrations and drama that all parents and kids deal with.

Even though some parents are more strict than others, the love in the families is evident through all the conflict." In addition to Reed, the exec producers are Thinkfactory's Adam Freeman, Emily Sinclair and Leslie Greif and Lifetime’s Rob Sharenow, Gena Mc Carthy and Kimberly Chessler.

Though this sounds salacious, the nine episodes are a cinema verite of family life, not a “Girls Gone Wild” video.“This is real life of what preachers’ families deal with day in and day out, and there are many positives and negatives that come with that,” Reed tells Zap2it.