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This crucial turning point in the plot also introduces Olivia, an MI6 agent who located and was gathering intelligence on the elusive Jones in anticipation of assassinating him.The story separates into four main threads at this juncture: Zula and Jones as they flee from the scene; Olivia and Sokolov as both attempt to extract themselves from their illegal presence in China; Csongor, Marlon, the lead author of the Reamde virus scam, and Yuxia, a local Hakka woman caught up by chance as the Russian's guide and driver, as they attempt to rescue Zula; and Richard as he continues to deal with the fallout of Reamde.

Reamde begins by introducing two members of the Forthrast family who reconnect at an annual family reunion: Richard "Dodge" Forthrast, a middle-aged man who is the second of the three Forthrast sons (John, Richard, and Jake), and Zula Forthrast, John's adopted Eritrean daughter, Richard's niece.

With information Zula obtains from her employer, they travel to Xiamen, PRC, to track down those behind Reamde and kill them.

Upon arriving in China, Peter, Zula, Csongor, who is a Hungarian hacker offering the mafia IT support, and Sokolov, a former Spetsnaz security consultant hired by Ivanov, search the city for Reamde's perpetrators, eventually locating their apartment.

Richard is described as "notable enough to merit a contentious Wikipedia entry", having achieved fame and a net worth of nearly one billion dollars by founding a company that designed and operates an MMORPG called "T'Rain".

T'Rain is a fantasy-themed virtual world with an extensive mythological backstory, incorporating an economic system intentionally geared towards meeting the needs of conventional players as well as gold farmers, who specialize in converting in-game currency to actual hard currency.

Jones hijacks a taxi that takes him and Zula to a dock where some of Jones' network take them aboard a boat.

Csongor comes close to killing Jones but fails, while Yuxia is taken captive for her part in the attempt.

Sokolov, hoping to kill Jones and save Zula, tracks down Olivia after their brief encounter in the immediate aftermath of the apartment battle, chancing across her spy equipment and wallet, and offers her assistance in getting out of China.

Through Zula, Jones knows where to find Sokolov, but Sokolov kills those sent to kill him and, as they've found Olivia's address, goes back to find her and kill her attackers as well.

Reamde is a technothriller novel by Neal Stephenson, published in 2011.

The story, set in the present day, centers on the plight of a hostage and the ensuing efforts of family and new acquaintances, many of them associated with a fictional MMORPG, to rescue her as her various captors drag her about the globe.

As a consequence of the in-game payment method, chaos has already been building in the virtual world around the region holding the ransom drop points.

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